Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday's "I'm always the bad guy" tweets


Pretty average show.

Kate asks Mel if she wants Parker or not. Kate says they are doing things her way. Chloe tells Phil she's feeling better.

Social services shows up. EJ lies to Taylor and says he hasn't thought about her at all. Sami finds Ali's favorite doll.

r2d2 unknowingly beheads Ali's doll. lmfao!

Chloe has to rescind custody of Parker. Social services thinks Daniel is the father since he's on the birth certificate. (The social services guy must be new to his job. lol)

Phil can't have custody of Parker since he's not on the birth certificate. Sami snaps at r2d2 for breaking the doll.

Sami says she sent Ali away because of r2d2. Nic asks Ej what the deal is between him and Taylor.

Ej denies anything going on with Taylor. Nic vows to get it out of Taylor. Another pier flashback. Geesh. Lexie figures it out.

Lexie's got the Salem brain this week. wtg Lexie! Phil can't take Parker until tomorrow. Jenn's still got Parker. Phil needs a favor.

Phil asks Daniel to take Parker for the night. Steph and Nathan at the Java Cafe. Stephanie gets pretty rude with him.

Dan refuses to take Parker. Jenn said she'll figure something out. Dan and Jenn will take the baby to Maggie's.

Phil overhears Kate say that Mel told her that Chloe left the baby alone. He's not happy. Nic figures out the mystery man.

Phil accuses Kate and Mel of being accessories to Chloe's suicide attempt. Another Lucas mention, but no Bryan D. :-(

Sami says she's having problems adjusting to r2d2. She sure sleeps with him a lot though. They are going to the Pub.

Steph figures out that Mate isn't together. Mel walks into the Cafe. Must be nice to leave work at a hospital whenever you feel like it.

Taylor denies EJ is the scarf guy. EJ denies it to Lexie too. EJ accuses her of reading trashy novels. lol

Safe2 finds Caroline at the Pub. Sami complains r2d2 isn't himself.

"I'm always the bad guy," laments Kate. She huffs out of the room. Jenn brings the baby in to see Chloe. Chloe thanks Dan for taking Parker

Parker is so friggin cute. I'll take him.

Lexie butts in on Taylor/Nic. Nic won't toss the bouquet, she's giving it to Taylor.

Maggie visits Chloe. Mel tells Nate everything about Parker. Mel is so immature. Just because you fight w hubby, doesn't mean it's over.

Phil shows up at Java. Caroline tells Sami to give r2d2 some time. Sami gets a call from Ali. EJ's ready for the wedding night.

EJole leaves their wedding. Lexie talks to Taylor.

Maggie tells Chloe her own story of losing a child. Mel has two guys fighting over her. Caroline says Sami is impatient. No shit.

Stephanie walks into the Pub. Steph says Sami is lucky to have r2d2. EJole drink champagne in bed. Nic toasts. Nic asks if he's happy.

Lexie tells Taylor she talked to EJ and it was obvious about them. Lexie must be one helluva poker player. Don't bluff Lexie. lol

Mel doesn't feel well while Phil/Mate are fighting. Steph dumps on r2d2 about her love life. r2d2 laughs. r2d2 hugs her, Sami's not happy

Abe offers to take Taylor home, she chooses walking. EJ says his wedding day made him happy. Said Nic looked beautiful.

Nic wants to make their marriage work, EJ agrees. kiss End of show. Thanks for reading along.

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  1. Wow after massive surgery wherein, not once but TWICE, her skin was torn open, her muscles moved back, her ribs retracted and she had her heart taken out and replaced, only a couple weeks later Jennifer can lift a baby, no warning about doing heavy lifting nor strenuous activities. Damn Doc Tan and his pathetic progeny are the bestest two person surgical team evah.