Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday's "captured Rafe's dullness" tweets

SharePretty good episode of Days of Our Lives on Monday. That's welcome considering how bad last week was.

Hope gets escorted to see Bo in the interrogation room. I'm tired of seeing this stupid room. Roman says Bo is free. Not a surprise.

Roman says Anna's ex, the governor, tells Bo not to talk to the press. Bo asks about Hope.

Jenn talks to Carly. She asks about Jack. He hasn't called yet. #bringbackjackdeveraux

The kids are playing Candyland at Safe's apartment. Sami offers Nicole a beer. They talk about Nicole's bracelet.

Nicole tells Sami it's a tracking device. Sami's shocked.

Rafe dreams of Sami and the kids on Sydney's birthday. But he's upset Sami forgot about him.

Rafe2D2 is concerned he'll forget names. EJ says he, "captured Rafe's dullness." You can say that again.

Sami is shocked Nicole agreed to the bracelet. Nic said she did it for Sydney. That starts another argument.

Sami tells Nic someday Sydney will learn about the Sydnapping. Someday, Sydney will learn about Sami shooting her dad too, Sami.

Stefano drops by at the new pier. R2D2 asks why Stefano thinks living with Sami is a nightmare. Rafe still talking in his sleep.

Roman says Hope's case will be reviewed by a judge. Hope asks to talk to Bo alone. She tells him to go home to their daughter.

Bo tells Hope that Carly is moving out because his heart belongs to Hope. But Carly borrowed his penis for 18 months. lol

Carly and Jenn talk about Dr. Frankenstein.

Sami calls Nicole "pathetic and sad." Nicole wants to leave. Sami apologizes.

R2D2 says Sami's got a "smokin hot bod." Stefano and EJ decide not to fill R2D2 on Sami's background. R2D2 says babies don't like him.

Carrie Fisher lost 12 lbs. Good for her.

Sami & Nic fighting over Sydney's dress. Nic spills beer on Sami's dress 4 Sydney. Sami says Nic's dress looks like Moulin Rouge.

Bo tells Hope he couldn't give Carly what she needs. Roman is going to Sami's.

Jenn's having a mid life crisis. Eats yellow jello. For some reason, it struck me as funny. lol

Cute Bope scenes. Bo says they will face things together from now on. Awwww

Stefano, EJ, and Rafe show up with the cake. Sami is not happy Grandpa Stefano is there. #getoverit.

Will is making the kids play Candyland again. He needs to get over losing the last 3 times. lol Roman's there. Now it's party time!

Sydney doesn't like R2D2. Rafe is lying on the floor of his prison.

Carly tells Jenn Carbo is toast. Hope has to go back to jail.

One big happy family is eating cake. Rafe is passed out on his prison's floor.

Roman got his job back. Stefano tells Roman he is glad Hope got out alive.

Justin shows up in the interrogation room. Poor Hope is back to wearing denim. Hope's scared to go home.

Jenn tells Carly that Carbo was meaningful even if it didn't work out. Jenn doesn't buy that Carly thinks she did the right thing.

Sami starts kissing R2D2. Those beers must be kicking in.

Stefano tries to wake up Rafael.

Will gets frustrated by losing at Candyland, so he leaves with Gabi to see a movie. Sami wants R2D2 to rest.

Gabi and Will are at the pier ten seconds later. Gabi is concerned about R2D2.

Stefano tries to help Rafe. He wants a doctor. Stefano gives Rafe the kids' cake. Stefano eats a bite himself to prove it's not poison.

EJ makes Nic a martini. He compliments her on dealing with Sami. He toasts to "kindness and happiness." Nic says she's happy.

Bo comes back to see Hope. Justin leaves. Bo brings Ciara. Awwww.

Poor Jenn. Carly's dumping all over her.

Hope notices that Ciara is wearing her necklace. She wants to know when Hope is coming home.

Rafe is eating the cake, calls Stefano, "the nicest kidnapper ever." He wants to know why Stefano is taking good care of him. Yeah, why?

EJ takes off Nic's bracelet. And he starts undoing her blouse.

R2D2 and Sami start making out. Man, that's some beer everyone was drinking.

Preview for today's show: EJole, Safe, and Danloe.


  1. "Poor Jenn. Carly's dumping all over her."

    Huh? All I saw was two friends supporting each other. It was a refreshing change from the nasty shit that happens on DOOL most of the time.

  2. I'm worried that Carly isn't going to recover from being an "interloper" that or she'll be paired with Dan....I don't know which is worse.

  3. When you are recovering from heart surgery, I don't think your friend should mention she broke up with her boyfriend. She shouldn't stress out Jenn like that.

    lmfao Katie. It's hard to say which is worse.