Friday, February 4, 2011

"Marrying EJ is selling your soul" Friday tweets

I don't know what's worse. Really bad drama or no drama at all. Today was pretty much nothing but filler. Even my tweets sucked today.

Mel and Nathan at the nice pier.

Doug and Julie! They are in Jenn's hospital room with Maggie.

will and Gabi decorating Safe's apartment for Johnny's homecoming. They're kissing.

AndrEJ smokes a cigar, wakes up Rafe. Let him sleep! I prefer him asleep.

Rafedos is signing some paperwork. He's leaving the hospital. Sami's there.

Lexie gets a call. She tells Nicole she can't make Johnny and Sydney's party. Taylor's with Theo. She tells Lexie not to tell Nicole.

Rafe tries to come up with scenarios to explain his disappearance at the hospital. EvilJ laughs.

Johnny doesn't like Rafedos. lol

Nathan tells Melanie that Jennifer's heart being taken out was his fault. Melanie blames Hope. wtf?

EJ tells Rafe that Sami signed the custody agreement. Rafe tries to attack EJ through the bars.

Lexie asks Taylor why Nicole doesn't want her around.

The show is super dull today. At least it's better than the crappy, embarrassingly bad drama we had this week. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Nathan and Mel are back at the work. He wants to have their conversation about their relationship later.

Safe and Johnny are home.

Gabi wants FauxRafe to call their mom. He refuses.

Mel has a heart to heart with Maggie. Maggie gently pushes her towards Nathan.

Lexie leaves. Taylor volunteers to watch Theo.

FauxRafe tells the girls that he'll call his mom after the party. Sami wants to postpone the party. He tells her no.

Rafe tells Sami that his key around his neck must have been lost at the hospital. Ejole and Sydney show up.

Nicole rolls her eyes at Sami.

Lexie talks to Mel about how awesome Dan is. Nathan sneaks up on Mel.

Julie talks to unconscious Jenn. Doug talks Maggie into leaving with him.

Johnny unwraps a gift. He got ice skates. Nicole gives Sami copies of Sydney's pictures. Sami's not impressed. Allie is not in the scene

Local news broke in because snow fell off the Dallas stadium's roof causing injuries.

That was a quick party. They are cleaning up already. Sami apologizes for being rude about Sydney's pics.

Nicole asked for a vodka martini. Rafe2 gives her a beer. Party time! Nicole asks why R2 and EJ are getting along so well.

The show is so dull, I'm embarrassed to put these tweets on my blog.

Nathan and Mel are now at the Brady Pub to have another almost conversation for the third time in one eppy.

Mel questions if Nathan went after Stephanie with the same effort he's pursuing her.

Lexie and Theo are playing cards. Taylor is sleeping over again due to snow.

Sami forgot the cake. EJ volunteers to get it. EJ wants Rafe2D2 to come along. Sami is left there with Nicole, gets a beer for herself.

Sami tells Nicole that marrying EJ is selling your soul.

Too bad the real Rafe and EJ didn't try to get along for the kids' sake.

Sami and Nicole decide to try to get along. I know it's cold outside, but did Hell freeze over?

Jenn wakes up and asks if she's late for school. Oh no, DOOL's not ripping off OLTL are they?

Melanie doesn't think Nathan can handle her and Phil's baby.

Rafe2D2 complains about his lack of preparedness. EJ is impressed with his lying abilities.

Sami claims a psychic connection with Rafe. #rolleyes Isn't that a Bope thing? Rafe is sad about missing the kids' big day.

That was agonizing. Sorry I couldn't make the show any better.


  1. So is that how they are going to bypass Jennifer's love for Jack, she will get amnesia? Is she going to think Dan is Frankie, who grew a foot in a day?

  2. Loving the R2D2 and Rafedos nicknames! I can hardly wait til we say adios to BOTH Rafes. Right now I feel like I'm watching a bad version of Dumb and Dumber only it's RafeUno and RafeDos...