Monday, February 14, 2011

"Love gets you shot in the head" Friday's tweets


Loved Matt Ashford's debut on The Bay. Go check it out.

Happy Valentine's Day to the Diva Spy Network. Now, go get some! lol

EJ and Stefano discuss showing Rafe the pic of Safe2 kissing. Stefano finds the cheap EJole wedding invitations.

Stefano tries to talk EJ out of marrying Nicole. Nicole shows up at Maggie's to see Chloe. Nicole tells Chloe about the wedding

Nicole asks Chloe to be the maid of honor, or matron, whatever. Taylor is applying for a job at the gift shop at the hospital.

Daniel checks on Jenn. Carly and her bangs walk in. Keep the bangs! Jenn asks about Hope.

Bope is back in the stupid interrogation room. Hope is afraid to say goodbye to Ciara again. Her trial is today.

Justin tells Bope that the DA refuses to cut a deal for Hope. Bo has a plan. Stefano can't understand the EJole wedding.

Stefano tells EJ to hire a nanny instead. That makes sense when you think of it. EJ says he wants a woman for himself.

Chloe says yes to Nicole. Nicole asks Chloe to heat up the bottle for Parker. Nicole asks if she's ok.

Stefano says EJ is marrying Nicole to show Sami that he's capable of forgiveness. EJ denies it, he wants to marry Nicole.

Stefano asks EJ if he's in love with Nicole.

Chloe gives Parker the cold bottle anyway. Nicole says she once loved EJ, but is marrying him for the kids.

The Carvers ask Taylor if Nicole would want Taylor to stay in town. Taylor says no. Taylor quizzes Lexie on being a DiMera.

Carly tells Daniel that Carbo is over. Carly is going to give a deposition on Hope's behalf.

Bo goes to Victor to ask for him to help Hope. Such a hypocrite. Bo makes me #rollmyeyes

Nicole tells Chloe it feels like the first time she was married to EJ. EJ denies being in love with Nicole.

Stefano says, an outsider would think EJ has it all. Stefano wants to know if it's enough.

Hope's judge is "Maximum sentence Ed." Bo wants Vic to tell Gov. Ford to rein in the judge. Victor turns Bo down.

Hope tells Justin Bo never said he loved her on the run. Justin asks if she told him. Hope says she never stopped loving Bo.

Carly wants to talk to Hope. She gave her deposition. Carly tells Hope Bo forgave her. Vic offers to ask for a pardon legally.

Victor's right. Hope wants to play fair. Bo gets a call from Victor. Theo is back to prop Taylor. He made a beaded necklace.

Stefano says EJ is settling for Nicole. EJ said he would agree except for the children. "Love gets you shot in the head," EJ says.

Nicole shows up, her ears must be burning. EJ is trying to get rid of Stefano. lol Nicole moves in for a smooch.

Carly is back in Jenn's room with Daniel. Carly starts crying. Gov Ford refuses to pardon Hope. #bringbackannadimera time for the hearing

Stefano joins the Carvers and Taylor at the Pub. They are celebrating Theo's report card. Stefano says Taylor is lovely.

The Carvers leave. Taylor tries to leave. Stefano asks if he offended her. EJole still kissing. Nic thinks they are friends w benefits

EJ wants to talk about their relationship. Chloe is making cookies. Phone rings. Chloe decides to leave Parker to pick up a prescription.

Hope's trial was off screen. They are happy with how it went. It would have been nice to see Bo testify for Hope. Judge has a decision.

Taylor tells Stefano she knows what happened when EJole married the last time, and she doesn't like it one bit. She leaves.

EJ respect Nicole. Nicole locks the morning room doors. She kisses EJ again. Hope gets time served. She's free to go. No surprise there

Chloe runs into Vic at the Pub. Chloe remembers Parker. Maggie's house fills with smoke from burnt cookies.

EJole has sex offscreen. That sux. EJ leaves. Nicole is falling for EJ, jmho. Hope hugs Bo and Justin. Bo says he loves Hope.

Bope goes home. Jenn talks about the "Carly and Lawrence" days. Jenn thinks about a Darly romance.

Stefano taunts Nicole about the fake EJole marriage. EJ runs into Taylor at the nice pier. Sparks sort of fly.

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  1. Ej's behaviour towards Nicole doesn't make any sense, the guy tried to kill her few months ago for pete's sake ! As for Nicole euh..where is Brady "the love of her life" ?! This show is a freaking joke it is just plot plot plot writing and as a result the characters are destroyed..nice writers nice..really.