Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's "The Diva took a dive off the pier." tweets


No, Kate wasn't talking about me. Odd episode. One of the worst wedding receptions in DOOL history. No cake, no bouquet toss, nothing. Stefano wasn't even there.

Sorry, I had guest. Taylor calls Kate, Nicole's "monster-in-law." Phil tells Mel what Chloe did. Roman at Bope's house. Bo is cleared.

Bo asks if there's bad news. Chloe thinks she's feeling better. Maxine tells Chloe that she had ppd. Mel wants Parker now.

Maggie thinks they should save a chair for Stefano, Kate's not a happy guest. She warns Maggie about men like Stefano and Vic.

Maggie says she's not with Victor. Kate didn't buy that either. Abe wants Chad to reconsider being a DiMera. Sydney is at the DiMansion.

EJ asks Taylor about her dizzy spell. She says she's happy for them.

Hope won't get reinstated, she's still a convicted felon. Hope's ok with it. I predict Hope will go in the jewelry design business. #betonit

Bo gets his gun back tomorrow. #scarythought

Roman tells them he's happy they are together in the same house, and leaves. Seems like Phil cares more for Chloe than his son.

Mel said Chloe didn't want Parker as soon as Dan dumped her. Phil starting to think Chloe was right that Mel wanted Parker.

Lexie isn't happy with Abe interfering with Chad. Abe tells the truth about Lexie's past relationship with Stefano. Maggie congratulates EJ

Bo doesn't buy that Hope is ok. Hope makes a good point that she is busy with Ciara, Maggie, and Jenn. Chloe is shocked by what she did.

Chloe confesses she get rid of the pills, throws Kate under the bus. Mel calls Kate with the suicide news. Kate's on her way 2 the hospital

What is Taylor's problem with Kate? Did I miss something?

Uh, oh Hope's headed for the kitchen. #hidetheknives

Kate gets Mel to go get Parker from Jenn the heart surgery woman. Kate will fetch Parker's things from Maggie's to go to the K-Mansion.

"The Diva took a dive off the pier," says Kate. Phil says she wanted Chloe dead. Stefano decides to miss reception entirely. wtf?

Johnny spills something on Nic's beautiful dress. EJ is still staring at Taylor. He wants to talk.

Hope puts on an apron. Still waiting for a pic of @thaaopenghlis in his apron sans pants.

Bope starts kissing. Who knew Bo got turned on by aprons? Kate denies she told Chloe to dump the pills. Give credit to Phil.

Phil tells Kate and Mel to stay away from Chloe. Mel asks Kate if she talked Chloe into throwing away the pills.

Johnny and Theo rebel. They don't want to go home. Chad suggests reading them a story.

Lexie helps the kids into the car. Abe thinks Chad may be ready to be a DiMera. Hope breaks up the kiss, not ready for make up sex.

Kate's not admitting or denying the pills thing with Mel. Mel wants to legally get Parker. Chloe wants to see Parker. Phil says later.

Taylor admits to fantasizing about EJ. Talk about bad wedding etiquette! Show's done. Thanks again.


  1. I would suggest the actors pull a Tunisia/Egypt/Libya and get rid of Dena/Tomlin but the majority of the current acting group are only there due to Dena/Tomlin and also why the show is in the sad state.

  2. Wouldn't it be great to see the actors walk out over the writing? Never happen, but it would be fun. Imagine the press!

  3. It would be cool if one of DOOL's big guns (like Alison Sweeney) spoke out against Dena Higley like Erika Slezak did when Dena was fucking up OLTL.

  4. It would be. NBC would listen to Alison too. But the DOOL actors remember every actor that blasted JER got fired. So I doubt anyone will say anything about Higley.

  5. Even more when Sami is one of the character who is the worst written right now..Dena seems to have something against could be a really really good juicy showdown..a real life showdown this time ! Team Ali all the way !

  6. So now Maggie and Chad of all people prop Nicole ?! Seriously ? WTF ! I don't watch this crap. It is pathetic.

  7. Why would Ali do that she is the one of the few people who get all the airtime. The ones that would speak out have been screwed over by her and no longer are on the show.

    I never thought Sami was well written. She has always been a brat, stupid, vindictive and shallow, jumping from one hot bodied man to the next.

  8. Maybe you did not like Sami in the past anonym but when we said that she is one of the worst written character on the show right now it is above all because she is written out of character and with lot's of thin consistency. It is not about the fact that you disliked and still dislike her character.