Saturday, February 5, 2011

Episode 30 ready for playback!


You can substitute "DOOL fans" for "S&K fans." Still works. Anyway, our show is ready for playback. Last week's show was our highest listened to podcast ever! Probably because I was out sick. lol Sorry to disappoint everyone that the Diva made it this week as well as Marianne, Anna, Angela, and Madeline. Thanks to all our chat room buddies and the newbies for entertaining us. Our topics were: Jenn's heart, Daniel and Jenn, Magic, Rafe2d2, Taylor, Lost, Oprah's soap episode, and NFL Hall of Fame inductees.

Go Steelers!


  1. Who is this "Jenn" you keep refering too? Do mean Jade Perkins?? It was great drama watching Gina Blake Demott, Capwell, Timmons, Capwell, Lockridge remove Jade's heart during surgery. I wonder what Warden Santana Andreade will do when she finds out? After Agusta Lockridge finishes Maggie Horton off, I wonder if she will tangle with Gina?

  2. lmfao! I forgot about Jade. I never knew Gina's maiden name either, thanks. I forgot about Augusta too. Gotta love Santa Barbara!