Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Don't taze me, bro" Thursday's tweets

ShareThe episode was ok. Watching Rafe get tazed was fun.

Maggie talks to Taylor at Chez Rouge. Vic and Brady at the K-Mansion. Taylor fantasizes about EJ. She mistakes a cute guy for EJ.

EJole in the DiMansion. NIc asks if Johnny is ok. Safe2d2 making out on the couch, Rafe watches them through the peephole in the door.

Sami hears Rafe outside the door. Brady gets thrown out at the K-Mansion again. But Brady says he owns it. Vic asks if Brady feels guilty

"Nice guys finish last," says Brady. Will and Gabi at the Java Cafe. Chad shows up. EJole kissing again.

Vic thinks Brady will ruin Titan. Brady is letting Vic keep the house. I love bad Brady. Maggie reads Taylor's resume, MBA.

Taylor also worked with orphans in Romania. Maggie tells her to apply at Titan, Taylor said she turned Brady down. r2d2 gets a call.

r2d2 ignores the call. EJ is pissed!

Got a ton of Drake Hogestyn clips to put up on the blog soon.

EJ leaves Nic, he asks her to pray. Rafe gets tazed before he can enter his apartment. lmfao! "Don't taze me bro!"

Chad changes his mind again about taking a job with Stefano. Taylor's too moral to work for Victor. Brady walks into Chez Rouge.

Johnny's awake again. Allie shows up at Safe's place. r2d2 picks up EJ's call. EJ tells him who's boss. He orders r2d2 to the DiMansion.

Brady discusses EJole's wedding decorations with Maggie. Taylor is eavesdropping. Brady takes a walk. Nic knows EJ is lying.

r2d2 does have the scar. Talk about research! lol r2d2 leaves with his shirt mis-buttoned. Rafe's got a fever.

Maggie drops by Victor's. Maggie wants him to help Brady. Taylor finds Brady drunk at the pier. Will tells Chad all of EJ's virtues.

r2d2 is in the cell. He defends sexing up Sami instead of answering the phone. Allie tells Sami she heard a noise. Knock on the door.

Taylor takes Brady to Victor's. Maggie is served a non-alcoholic drink for herself and Mickey. Nic reads to Johnny. EJ shows up.

Chad gives Will the pic of Allie that Rafe dropped. Rafe coughs up blood. Gladys, Sami's neighbor asks if everything's all right.

Victor goes to Chez Rouge and sees Maggie, then leaves without being seen. Taylor tucks Brady in at the KMansion sofa.

Nic asks if everything is ok. More EJole kissing. Gladys tells Sami she saw Rafe get dragged away. Thanks for reading!


  1. ok maybe for you.
    For me : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    It is maybe one of the worst time for Days, at least Reilly's Days was camp and ridiculous granted, but it has some humour now their "camp" is just sad and pathetic.
    The character who could be funny could be Rafe2; he has some good dialogue, but Gering is too bad actor for that..his Rafe2 is just nasty and still boring and over-the-top smug, smirky..ugh..i don't want to see that..if you want a fun moron bring back Bart.
    Well maybe Brady's journey could be interesting (Marsolf is smockin' and can act; he nails his character's evolution) but not enough for me to watch this trainwreck of soap.
    Ah and the "best" : so now Will "like" Ej, seriously ? He hated the guy whereas he did not know about his kidnapping scheme and now that he knows everything and covered up his attempted murder he likes the guy ? R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. and Ej with Nicole ? He tried to kill her hello and she ordered him to DIE in his deathbed ect.. Seriously writers ? Hey Highley and co you smoke a really bad ganga and your ratings will drop drop drop !!

  2. Well, the three are JER worshippers. They did the same thing that JER did get rid of the actors fans wanted, back to refusing to bring them back, nor Jack -- whom like JER is being ruined. Polluting the show with newbies, with fabricated history. Stupid, overthe-top plots, bad couple pairings which are about raunchy sex and not romance. I think the ghosts and demons are not being written, and they would if the could, is that this time Corday or NBC told them no more of that.