Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diva episode 30 this Saturday!


You know we won't have many nice things to say about Days of Our Lives this weekend at 10 pm est. Why not call in and join us in our bitch-fest? lol If you are too chicken to call in, you can still bitch in the chat room. Topics this week include: Jennifer's heart, Bo and Hope, Rafe#2, and other idiotic story lines that make us question our sanity for watching this awful show.


  1. Well with that kind of encouragement, I'll be sure to be there! #gluttonforpunishment

    Looking forward to dishing with the Diva!

  2. lol Let's all be miserable together.

  3. No tickets for that night. I think I will be even more ticked because I am sure they will make up some BS that Jack is too absorbed in his walkabout to come be at Jennifer's bedside. I am sure they are going all out to make Jack hated. It makes me think of this joke Jack made about himself to Kayla in early 1989 when he was first beginning to redeem,

    They might just do what Jack said and make Jack a real melodramatic villain.