Monday, February 14, 2011

"Dessert emergency" tweets from Monday's show

What is up with the writer's obsession with cookies? Chloe burns her cookies. Allie wants her favorite cookies. Melanie tossed her cookies. And yes, I ate cookies today.

@Nicholle78 @Diva_Nikki I am not a fan of the Shamrock shake. Gross.

@Nicholle78 EJ had sex more in two days than he has in two years!

Bope's outside the Pub. Hope still thinks she's not going back to her house. Sami's doing laundry. Holy shit! lol Rafe2D2 wants sex

R2D2 wants the kids to go to EJ's so he can score. lmao Stefano tells Nicole that EJ doesn't love her. EJ & Taylor at the nice pier.

Taylor drops her cell, their hands touch. #soapcliche Kate's at Daniel's with Melanie. Chloe rushes home to smokey Parker.

Hope doesn't want to repeat past mistakes. That's a long list. Kate wants Mel to reunite with Phil. Chloe takes the cookies out of the oven

Philip walks into Maggie's smokey house.

Phil tries to calm down Chloe. Chloe burned herself. Chloe tells Phil she doubts she can be a good mom.

r2d2 keeps sticking his foot in his mouth. He wants to do something special for neglected Allie. Sami wants him to get favorite cookies.

Taylor's got cold hands. EJ offers his scarf and puts it on her. She asks about the Java Cafe. EJ offers to walk her there. She leaves.

EJ asks for Taylor's name, but she left already.

EJ's phone ringtone is super annoying. r2d2 wants to know what Allie's fav cookie is. EJ calls it a "dessert emergency." lol

Stefano tells Nicole that he ran into Taylor. Stefano lists Taylor's virtues, and calls Nicole jealous of her sis.

Sami and Sydney run into Taylor at the Pub. Sami's happy to see her. Rafe tries to pick the lock. EJ shows up.

Bope at the nice pier. Bo says he's lost w/o Hope. She says ditto. They remember the Fancy Face boat. He wants to restart their family.

Chloe faces the truth that she ruins everything she touches. Phil says Kate must have gotten to her. Tired of the Kate/Mel conversation.

Phil says he cares about Chloe. Phil says Kate will never have the chance to turn Parker against Chloe. Bope remember baby Shawn on the boat

Hope remembers all the Bope baggage. Bo starts tearing up. EJ tells Rafe to think hard. *insert joke here*

Taylor gushes about the guy she met on the pier. Rafe says Allie likes chocolate chip. Are cookies the new product placement on DOOL?

EJ calls r2d2 to tell him about the cookies. Now I'm hungry. Thanks #dool

phone call

My dad called. I didn't miss much. Another Kate/Mel conversation. Maggie shows up at her own house. Maggie offers to watch the baby.

EJole talk about Stefano. Nicole decides to add her sis to the wedding guest list. Hope's making me cry over Zach again. #sob

Hope wants them to work on their pain together. Bo agrees. Nice to see them have an adult conversation.

Mel talks to Nate in the hospital. She apologizes for being mean. Maggie tells Phil that everyone in Chloe's life has left her.

RIP Chuck Tanner, former skipper of the World Champion 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates.

Nate kisses Mel. r2d2 brings home cookies for Allie. Rafe told EJ the wrong cookie. Parker is crying, Chloe swears at him.

Nathan kissing Mel makes her sick. lol j/k it was morning sickness. Bope says they missed each other. He wants to go home. She says yes.

Nic says she wants what is best for Taylor. She calls Taylor to invite her to the wedding. Nic tells EJ he'll like Taylor.

Allie blabs on r2d2 buying the wrong cookies. Rafe prays that Sami figures it out.

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