Friday, February 25, 2011

Days of Our Lives Emmy pre-nominees

Some of the picks are obvious. Some of them make me scratch my head.

Lead Actor:
Peter Reckell and James Scott
I would have picked John Aniston over Peter Reckell

Lead Actress:
Kristian Alfonso and Alison Sweeney
Toss up between Kristian and Lauren Koslow for me. The State break up scene last year was amazing.

Supporting Actor:
Shawn Christian and Jay Kenneth Johnson
Eric Martsolf had a better year than Jay.

Supporting Actress:
Nadia Bjorlin and Arianne Zucker
I would have put in either Suzanne Rogers or Louise Sorel instead of Nadia.

Younger Male:
Casey Deidrick and Chandler Massey

Younger Female:
Molly Burnett and Shelley Hennig
No brainer for those two

I honestly can't think of any good episodes for the pre-nominees. I hope someone gets nominated, if I had to guess, I'd go with the younger actor/actress nominees and James, Ali, and Ari. You know the Douchebag is having a cow right now because Crystal didn't get picked for lead.

UPDATE: As predicted, The Douchebag is mad that Kristian got a nomination over Crystal. BTW, the reason why he is not bashing Alison's nomination over Crystal is because he used to bash Ali quite frequently. He claims she boycotted all the magazines he freelances for. Since then, he doesn't bash her anymore.


  1. Yeah Eric Martsolf had some better material than Jay but maybe because Jay leaves they wanted to pre-nom him one last time.

    Ali has some great material with the Sydney blood clothes scene or with the almost wedding discovering of Ej's sydnapping scheme but the academy doesn't want to nominate her no matter what so..i doubt she will even have a nom.

  2. "I would have picked John Aniston over Peter Reckell"

    I wouldn't. I think PR has more range as an actor. I also think JA would have had a better shot if he had opted for supporting instead of lead.

  3. I think John has more of a range. He goes from flirting with Maggie to raging at Brady in one episode. In other years, I would have said John would be better in supporting, but he has a romance this year that is on the cover of magazines. He's more of a lead this year than he has in years.

  4. I'm honestly upset that Kristian got a nomination over Crystal (and Allison really but that's because I don't dig her acting) BUT I realize that Grandma Horton passed away and Kristian had some good scenes from that (I refuse to believe she got the nomination for Night Time Hope)