Friday, February 18, 2011

Co-headwriter Christopher Whitesell fired from DOOL

According to Soap Opera Network, this information is in the latest Soap Opera Weekly. Thank goodness. I can't put the blame for the awful storylines squarely on his shoulders since Dena Higley is the other co-headwriter. At least it's an acknowledgment that the storylines are awful. But some of the scriptwriters are still very good. They are basically making lemonade out of lemons. Let's hope Dena Higley and Gary Tomlin are next on the chopping block.


  1. Tomlin and Whitesell are buddies, so I wouldn't be surprised if Tomlin got the heave-ho. If Corday hasn't fired Higley by now, I doubt he ever will unless NBC forces him to.

    Hopefully they'll bring in a competent co-headwriter. Higley flying solo is a scary thought.

  2. Geeeez, I wonder who would be a good writer. Hmm, it could not be someone with experience with DAYS, who loved supercouples, who is writing books with DAYS characters and not butchering them. NAWWW silly Sally that would be stupid.

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  4. Sure Angela. Email me.

  5. Bwahahah goodbye Chris !
    But it is not the end of the problem sadly, he is not the worst of this infamous "writers team" if they get rid of ugly Dena Highley and Tomlin crazy obsessed Passion fan we could have some hope..when they get rid of these two morons we will have some hope..until that day this show deserves a cancellation, plain and simple.

  6. Thank God. This is a first step in the right direction. Tomlin and Hackley need to follow CW.

  7. What confuses me is how is it that the actors can be fired after the cycle and the show not have to pay out the rest of their contracts, but writers (at least the HW) and producers if fired still have to be paid through the length their contract? Good writing and producing is important but to me it is the actors who bring in the viewers. People even watch bad soaps if their favorites are on. I also never understand these long contracts given to them. Corday had to pay Langan for HW and Ex Prod. duties when he finally fired him, and he had to continue to pay off JER -- and some reports had to pay even his heirs after his death -- while paying those he hired to fill their spot/s.

  8. Apparently the writers have a better union than the actors.

  9. I disagree; even if some viewers love some actors when the writing is so bad (like it is the case right now) even these diehard fans give up.
    The writing, storytelling is almost always 60/70 percent of the key, even in soaps. (well known for being quite bad writing anyway in entertainment land).

  10. Tthen the writers should be more easily fired. Fans jump soaps more due to favorite actors going to other shows than writers. Because as is the owners cannot get rid of them.

    I think the problem now is that there are not that many actors the fans care about, those have been fired long ago.

  11. Or the problem is maybe also that some characters have been destroyed, written out of character (aka Sami Brady) whereas some other characters who are newbies or less relevant (aka Rafe, Taylor or Nicole)are propped...

  12. Sami is flat out too overexposed. She's been on the front burner since day one. She's propped as much as Rafe and Taylor. Nicole is probably propped by a certain extent, but I disagree that she isn't relevant. Nicole's been on the show for awhile.

  13. Some fans don't watch the show if they don't like the writing and their favorite actors are still on the show. Some fans watch for their favorite actors only because the writing is bad in general. Good writing does bring up ratings. If the show is well written in general, I do think fans will watch even if their favs aren't on.

  14. Yes Sami is always on the front burner (and she could use some break i agree but she is not the only one, in order to showcase some other vets a la Justin, Adrienne or even Roman) Diva but i disagree with you about her being propped as much as Rafe, Taylor or Nicole. They show Rafe or Nicole reading stories or doing magic tricks for Johnny or even discover his eye's problem (albeit in Rafe's case it was actually Will and Gaby but of course Rafe was seen as the "one" who saved the day..eyeroll) whereas HIS OWN MOTHER Sami is just busy to boink her "super hero" or to fight with Ej. Or we see Taylor becoming insta grand sister to a Theo again autistic.
    As for Nicole being relevant euh..maybe a little but she is not from a core family, her history is quite weak compare to a Sami Brady hey her brother Brandon is more relevant than her, his father is Abe (another one who should have more screen time by the way) after all !
    She was always a secondary character and she was good like that but as a favorite of despicable Highley we see her devouring screen-time now and it is not interesting IMO.
    So what is the point to see a Sami overexposed like you said if she is written horribly and because of that viewers are fed up with her whereas she was one of the most complex, rich, entertaining character for a long time ? What is the point tell me ? I would be totally ok if they write her in character, more strong and conniving and funny with less screen-time.
    Otherwise i agree with you the writing is the most important thing.

  15. By the way Rafe and Nicole (with Ej) are featured in more episodes than if she is overexposed (and i can't disagree with it they are more overexposed than her and HER at least is a vet.

  16. Ari's a vet. Sami has been in a front burning storyline since Alison took over the role. Can you remember Sami ever being on the back burner? Ali does film for TBL also, or she would be featured in more eppies.

  17. Rafe and Taylor have been propped since day one. They have poor Theo propping Taylor. Characters that can stand on their own don't need props. I think Nicole is a strong enough of a character that doesn't need propped. Rafe solving almost every crime in Salem when there's several other cops on the show who have been on the show for decades, is ridiculous.

    I'm not a Sami fan, never was. I always cheered for Carrie over Sami back in the day. lol You know you've been overexposed when you've had 10+ weddings. lol I'm tired of sanctimonious, hypocritical Sami, but I didn't like conniving Sami either.

    Screen time has always been uneven. DOOL has the opinion that screen time is more important than good writing. I miss the big umbrella storylines that involved 90% of the cast.

  18. Since Ari came back in 2008 she is on front-burner (also Higley's come back..) ,hey even the Baby-switch who did not want to end was majorly from Nicole's POV (quite unfair for the other characters of the story IMO). Even if the scenes of the fallout of the story were good lot's of the story with Nicole talking to herself (or to baby you want lol) was a real bore.
    As for her being a vet, well lot's of characters still in the canva are so much more vets than her (Ali is there since she is a teenager, from 1993 actually whereas Ari came in 1998, it makes quite a difference IMO and i don't even speak about Bo, Hope, Maggie, Victor, Stefano, Abe, Jennifer,Justin or Caroline) and Sami is from a major core family, Nicole ? for the psyche..Nicole's type of character, the goldigger, hooker (albeit she was forced, horrible childhood yada yada..) with a heart (well sometimes lol) is really cliche whereas Sami with her bulimic, i come from a family of good people i can't measure up so i become self-destructif is at least a more original journey in soap land. As for the screen-time no matter the reasons it doesn't change that Ali has less creen-time than Ari.
    Sami is also passive now (which is totally out of character) in the stories whereas Nicole is proactive, find the secrets, encrust in other character's business hey almost all her psyche right now is about Sami's children !
    I like the two characters (and the two actresses) but it is pretty clear who is favored in this writing. Nicole has even some witty one-liners down the road, Sami ? Nada, it is just some pathetic needy "Rafe, i love you so much, i can't function without you, you are my hero" loghorrea about double standards in the writing, it is not even funny.

  19. Maybe Nicole is a strong enough character that doesn't need propped (and i quite agree about it) but she is still totally propped : how about all her sudden "cute" scenes with Johnny whereas for two years, in her marriage with Ej she only spoke about "her perfect family with 'the three of us' : herself, Ej and Sydney". How about she is the one who discover Johnny's cancer in the other eye, how about she is the one who convince Ej to inform Sami about it, add to that her little speach about not wanting to remplace Sami in the children's life (whereas few weeks ago she did daydream about a grown up Sydney who would call her "her mother", who would despise Sami and cheer about Nicole stealing her from Sami). How about Johnny being totally ok with this new marriage whereas few weeks ago he didn't want Nicole to marry his father..remember..yeah too bad for the writers i have a memory..
    Ah and how about Nicole who makes the sacrifice of let go the man she loves (Brady at least at this time, now she seems to have totally forget much for the love of children, well moreover the children of her worst enemy..whaow what a selfless act !
    Whereas Sami is ok to tell her own son she doesn't love him in order to get a job to her "hero"..mmm what a selfish act !
    ..Ah the fair and brave Nicole compare to the selfish, shallow, uncaring who doesn't deserve her children Sami.
    If it is not propping for one character and destruction for another i don't know what it is...

  20. Ari was on the show previously. I don't remember the years, but she's been on the show at least +5 years total. Nicole initiated the baby switch, so it would make sense she was the lead on that.

    Ali's s/l is mostly about her kids only. Ari's s/l are more broad, she's got EJ, Brady, and Chloe she deals with too. I don't notice any significant amount of extra air time going to Ari. If Ari is on in an episode, Ali usually is too. Plus, Ali does have another job, so she is not as flexible as Ari.

    Sami's grown from her past, I don't think that's relevant anymore especially with J&M off the show, and Roman's hardly ever on. Who has a better/worse childhood doesn't matter with who gets the air time.

    Sami had her spunk removed when Rafe came along. Nicole always had bitchy one liners, if she married Rafe, she would lose them too. lol I think the show is trying to turn Sami into Marlena and it's not working.

    I don't think Nicole not being in an anchor DOOL family means much. She's been married to EJ and Victor, slept with Eric and Brady, she's relevant in the show because of her men.

  21. Sami was never a saint. She was never the world's greatest mother either. Nicole was never a saint, and she's not the world's greatest step mother either. They are more alike than different. I don't think either character is being written as the good mom right now. I don't think Sami is being ruined to prop Nicole. Sami is still a bitch, Nicole is still a bitch. lol

    EJ/Rafe is a better example of that, Rafe is always right and perfect, EJ is always evil. blah blah blah Rafe is the true propped newbie, EJ is the vet character from a DOOL family who got ruined to prop the newbie.

  22. Like i said Nicole came in 1998.
    Yeah Nicole has more different dynamics than Sami right now because they don't want to write different dynamics for Sami. Hey they gave a friend to Nicole (whereas she was one of her victims..ridiculous by the way) Sami ? Nada whereas she supposed to be redeemed.
    Sami comes from a core family (and for me it is much more important and rich in term of dynamic than the men's relationships who can change at any moment and with this regime it is "monnaie courante" except for their 'golden' couples a la Sami/Rafe).
    You also have Nicole's mother who comes time to time and now her sister Taylor whereas Sami has no brother, sister anymore on the show, and her mother did not even come back when she lost Grace, a child she thought was hers. Add to that these characters were so much more relevant, important than the Walker family by a long shot in Dool history.

    As for "Sami grown from her past" actually if it was good storytelling character driven writing she would still have scars, it is the hard events in your life who construct your persona. No matter that the major players in her trauma are not here anymore that don't go away like that, it is always in you.
    In this case if Paul Mendez is not here anymore so why should we care about poor Nicole's horrible childhood ? We can't have both ways.. Tandre Dimera is not here anymore so why should we care about the fact she can't have children ? We should care because it is what make her persona like it is the case for Sami.

    I agree Sami is a bitch and Nicole too, but right now Nicole is propped whereas Sami is just a mess, self-righteous and hypocritical, a needy and clueless mess who doesn't do one good thing but is supposed to be an "heroine" which is anyway totally out of character.
    Yes Sami has her spunk and her humor (she could be really funny actually) removed from her character. But who decided that, who changed that ? The writers !
    Ari has more air-time than Ali but it is not really the point, the problem is that Sami has lot's of air-time but they don't write for her..well actually they write bad material for her.

    As for your Ej/Rafe comparison i agree with you : this writing is really simplistic, manichean..Well Ej could have been an awesome grey character a la Jack Devereaux, John Dixon or Jake McKinnon in the old days..but well this team of writers don't know how to do that, for that you have to have talent..

    This writing is just sad, dumb and prop some characters in an almost obscene way whereas others are destroyed..i stand with this opinion no matter how much screen-time they have.

  23. Every character on this show is written poorly because Higley cares about plot driven storylines and not about character driven storylines. It doesn't matter if the character is a vet from an established family or not. Sami is not being written worse to prop Nicole, she's written that way because it fits the plot. Nicole is written this way for plot, she's happy, then she gets knocked down over and over again. It's all about the plot. I am tired of the entire show revolving around babies.

  24. Yeah and why Nicole is supposed to be happy if she dumped the "love of her life" for children she kidnapped and to hook up with a guy who uses her and tried to kill her, a guy she also tried to destroy more than once ? And if she supposed to be the "bad girl" why is she supposed to be happy..wasn't it a soap standard that the schemer try but never succeed ? mmm..Sami the bad girl always lost in her schemes, she had her comeuppance in one way or was what made a villain which the audience could have sympathy for..she tried but at the end of the day they were consequences.. And why if Sami is supposed to be their "new heroine" she is always the target of some dastardly schemes and is just always miserable, needy and a crying, moping mess ? How can we root for that ?

  25. Nicole will never be happy with EJ in the long term, her happiness is temporary. I don't root for mopey Sami either.