Friday, February 18, 2011

"The Bay" might find a home on tv

Web soap "The Bay" has been acquired by Jim Romanovich of Associated Television International which has done the Daytime Emmys is trying to get "The Bay" possibly on cable. You can read the TV Guide article here. Congrats to Gregori J. Martin and everyone involved with the show. We've interviewed Gregori, Martha Madison, Mary Beth Evans, Charles Shaughnessy, and Matthew Ashford who are all cast members of the show. Check out our interviews with them on our blogtalkradio show.


  1. That would be great. Shows that people are taking notice of a show that hires talented actors, even if they are over 40, and actually puts them in major roles, and it is successful. This might show network soaps how to run things.

  2. ICAM. How great is it that the one with creative control is not blinded by the misconception that anyone over 40 is not who viewers want to see? Obviously, they are dead wrong. Good luck to Gregori and the outstanding cast and crew of The Bay. Thank goodness you are a hell of lot smarter than the idiots who dictate daytime network television. Look and learn.

  3. ICAM I am planning on doing a blog on what DOOL can learn from The Bay.