Monday, February 28, 2011

2010 Daytime Airhog awards

I never heard of these awards before, but Soap Opera Network has the break down on which actors appeared in the most episodes in 2010.

NBC: James Scott (E.J. Wells) led the way for the popular "Days of Our Lives" in 2008, ranking at #23 in airtime. Since then, "DAYS" has made their presence felt on the Top 20 list. In 2009, Zucker (#2 in 2009), James Scott (#7 in 2009) and Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady; #12 in 2009) landed on the list. For 2010, Zucker fell off the list due to a maternity leave but "DAYS" still managed to pick up 5 slots. Picking up the slack for Zucker were Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez), Molly Burnett (Melanie Kiriakis) and Crystal Chappell (Dr. Carly Manning).

The rest of the list for all soaps are on the above link.


  1. Of Course Crystal Chappell was on there. DOOL has shoved her down our throats since she came back. Wish vivian would have buried her years ago!

  2. When some say it is the "Sami show" to me it seems more the "Nicole, Rafe, Ej" show..whereas Sami is the VET, the one who comes from a major Dool family (well maybe with Ej but he stays quite a newbie compare to her) in this bunch of people...anyway this show is bad right now, i don't even know if at this point it can be saved no matter what character is shoved down our is a lost

  3. Oups i wanted to say this show is SO BAD, you know not just "bad" but "SO BAD" and in the way "SO BAD it is BAD", in a way i just don't care anymore, it is boring, it doesn't make any sense, in a way: it can be quite icky, even repulsive and not in a wicked, entertained, fun way sadly..., in a way i just don't watch anymore !! lol.
    p.s: just it is totally of topic but..did you know that the actress who played Kinsey (or something like that) plays in "The Social Network" ? She has a really little part in it but we recognize her and her scene is quite impressive the way THAT it is what i call good writing and yesterday Sorkin got the oscar for it ! Really well-deserved. Aaron Sorkin : that is a man who knows how to write. Hey Highley go kill yourself now. lol.

  4. Naw, just go write porn and take half the cast with you.

  5. "Of Course Crystal Chappell was on there. DOOL has shoved her down our throats since she came back."

    Hardly. Carly hasn't had a storyline since she shot her toothy spawn a year ago. She had a high episode count in 2010 but a paltry amount of airtime within individual episodes for most of the year. Ever since they pulled the plug (prematurely IMO) on Carbo, the writers have treated Carly as an afterthought. Sami, EJ, Rafe, Nicole, Melanie, Daniel, and Chloe are their obvious favorites. So is Hope but her airtime is constrained by KA's low episode guarantee.

  6. Depends of what is the meaning of "favorite" for you last anonym..For example (the most obvious right now) Sami is an important player in Dool front-burner storylines but the character is destroyed..she is just a plot mess, they are not interested in writing for the contrast Carly is better written, yeah they destroyed Carbo (at least for now..did not really give them a chance, by the way like they destroyed Ejami..well it is even worse for the latter..) but her character has friendships, is proactive, has some good qualities in term of persona..i can't say the same for all depends on how you understand the word "favorite"...IMO of course.

  7. "Depends of what is the meaning of "favorite" for you last anonym.."

    I mean "favorite" in terms of airtime and pimping by show runners. I can't stand Sami myself but Corday, NBC, and the soap press have a hard-on for her. She is the face of DOOL. Despite Sami's flaws, I think she would be a more sympathetic character if she was played by a stronger actress like AZ.

  8. I disagree completely.
    AS has a charisma that AZ doesn't have in my opinion (and all of that is a matter of opinion and sensibility so we can agree to disagree) but Sami is not well written whereas Nicole is written in a far better favorable way (it is not perfect don't get me wrong but it is far better).
    I loved Sami, for me when she was well (for a soap like Days standards of course) quite written in character she was far more entertaining, sexy in an original, vulnerable way, funny and have far more flair than a Nicole, Chloe, Hope or even Jennifer ect...Corday has not a hard for AS at all ! But NBC does because of the success of the Biggest Loser, that is the only reason. So for Corday this actress is a hot commodity in the business but his actual team doesn't want to write for her character therefore like they are forced to write for her, they write bad stories, bad material, bad dialogue (anyway they are incompetent and untalented for all the show). But particularly in Sami's stories they do an awful job..a shameful job
    Since few years (Highley come back) we assist at the destruction of Sami Brady when in the same time her character and her bad stories are shoved down our throats. Before..even not so long time ago..she was one of the most popular character of their show it is also why Corday thinkS he has to keep her..
    Now Highley has a hard-on for the character of Nicole, who was secondary before and who worked well like that. Now she is almost the star of the show (and it is doesn't interest me). To conclude yeah they show Sami but they give her far worse material than Carly and above all Nicole (and yeah i think like you that CC and AZ are talented..but the writing help if they write layers..and AS if they give her better material can be as good..and even more charismatic IMO).

  9. And i don't think that AZ is a strongest actress than AS, i think they are at the same level but Sweeney has more charisma, you notice her more at first sight. Just my point of view of course.

  10. "Corday has not a hard for AS at all !"
    You wouldn't know it from the way he pimps her in his autobiography and in his shitty previews.

    I agree that Higley loves writing for Nicole. She is fast approaching leading-lady status.

    I think the writing for Carly (what little there is) sucks. She is a boring doormat. The writers suck at writing good characters, so they might as well write Carly as a bitch.

  11. You right; if Higley tends to love Carly therefore wants to write her as a "misunderstood, bitch with a heart of gold" she identifies herself with a la Nicole she could benefit from some "good" writing.
    When i mean "good" it is by the Higley untalented, lousy incompetense way of course so let's say it would be "less worse".
    However if you like Carly you could always be a little happy (i kid..i agree the writing is shitty.. also for her..but) that she has at least a friend, some self-esteem, she is not too needy, she has a job, she doesn't want to steal other people's children or play the new mommy..hey it is almost a miracle when you see how other women are written on this show..she is one of the "luckiest" in some
    p.s: you know i am not bitter about this lazy, terrible writing actually, i just don't watch is a really simple solution actually very effective..
    Simple : i am not entertained, amused, interested anymore i am stopping to watch ! lol.

  12. "she is one of the "luckiest" in some"
    Given the crappy writing in general, maybe the luckiest characters are the ones who are completely ignored, like Justin and Adrienne.

    "you know i am not bitter about this lazy, terrible writing"
    I'm bitter as hell. I should take a page out of your book and stop watching Higley's suckfest.

  13. Don't give her the ratings.
    I get that you love CC's acting, you want to see her talent and continue to show some "hope" for some good writing for the character of Carly or even a Carly/Bo relationship of some sort..but you can watch Venice (PR will work on Venice by the way)..I know the habit of watching Dool and Carly Manning, the Horton/Brady/Dimera core families is quite hard to give up..but it is just a tv will come back when the show will have redeem itself..if it is never happen..there are the web soaps like Venice..hey after all if they don't want to write and respect us as viewers, they don't deserve to stay least it is my pov lol.

  14. Yea no matter how much I love CC I gave up on Days and frankly I'm worried about tuning back in for her upcoming storyline (she seems excited about it) because I just don't trust the writers.

  15. They are recasting Nicholas Alamain, so that could be something good.

  16. Where is the Nicholas Alamain recast being reported? I haven't heard anything.