Thursday, January 20, 2011

"The woman shot you in the head. Not a problem?" tweets

ShareHere's Wednesday's tweets. Later today, I'll put up Thursday's tweets.

Will tells Gabi Johnny's news at the Safe apartment.

Nicole's with Sydney, Chloe gives Parker to Mary. Yeah, Chloe, Mary is not your nanny. Nic tells Chloe about the EJami truce.

Daniel's at his apartment. Gets a call from Mel. He gives credit for Johnny's surgery to Carly. Mel says she'll be over his place.

Maggie overhears Melanie saying to herself she's pregnant. Maggie hugs her, tells her it's a blessing.

Safe's still making out at the hospital. Stefano overhears EJ complaining about Rafe.

Sydney's asleep. Nicole's waiting for EJ to come home and kick her out. Chloe wants Nicole to go back to Brady.

Ej & Stefano go to see Johnny before EJ lets Stefano in on his Rafe plan.

Sami's celebrating that her kids will be home with her. Rafe tells her not to trust EJ.

Maggie tells Mel she'll be with her all the way. Mel wants advice on how to tell Daniel. Poor guy is trying to nap, finds a binky.

Nic tells Chloe that Brady doesn't love her anymore. Chloe still thinks Daniel will forgive him. Nicole tries to reason with Chloe.

Nic gives up on reason. Tells Chloe that Daniel is back at his apt. Nic tries to stop Chloe from going to Daniel.

Stefano wants to take a family vacay. Sami says no. NicEJ agrees with Sami. EJ and Stefano leave. EvilJ & Stefano leave

What is it with Salem that everyone wants to have sex after a medical emergency? Safe's making out at the hospital. Will/Gaby kissing.

Chad won concert tickets. Invites Will & Gabi. Gabi tells Chad the news about his nephew, Johnny.

Maggie tells Mel that Daniel will support her. Mel says she won't let Daniel forgive Chloe.

Chloe leaves. I wonder if she remembered her son. She tells Nicole to call Brady. She does. He says she can come over.

We have an interview scheduled for Thursday, the 27th at 10 pm est! I will announce the guest today!

Maggie tells Mel to stay out of the Danloe situation. Mel tells Maggie men act stupid around Chloe's "assets." lol

Chloe's assets try to seduce sleeping Daniel. Oops! Just a Chloe daydream.

Brady won't let Nicole into the KMansion.

Stefano says, "the woman shot you in the head, not a problem?" lol

EvilJ intends on keeping his promise to God in regards to Sami. He tells Stefano the real enemy is Rafe.

lmfao! Daniel is so startled by Chloe, he accidentally knocks her off the germ infested couch that everyone in town has had sex on.

Nic tells Brady all the Johnny news. Nic asks for his help again.

Will & Gabi talk about Chad who left offscreen.

EJ tells Stefano Rafe has a hold on Johnny and Sami. Stefano wants to know if EvilJ wants Rafe gone to get back into Sami's bed.

Chad gives a sleeping Johnny a stuffed frog animal. Johnny asks who he is. Chad leaves. Still waiting for Uncle Tony to show up. :-(

Maggie wants to know why Melanie hasn't told Nathan yet. Mel wants to focus on the baby not Nathan. Maggie says she's proud of her. *hug*

Daniel rejects Chloe. Poor guy needs to sleep.

Sami tells Rafe that EJ has changed. Rafe doesn't buy it.

EJ insists he's not in love with Sami. EvilJ wants Rafe out of Sami's life.

Nic tells Brady EJ will probably throw her out. Nic wants Brady to tell Sami to let her be a part of the kids' lives. Brady's pissed.

Mel walks in on Daniel telling Chloe it's over. Mel's happy.

Sami is afraid that Stefano will egg EJ on to keep the feud up.

Stefano has the perfect solution to the Rafe problem, unfortunately it's not death.

Gabi has flour on her cheek from making Johnny's fav cookies. Will & Gabi start kissing again.

Brady tells Nic she is not his problem anymore. I love Bricole, but good for him.

Daniel asks Chloe for his key. That's smart. Mel blurts out she's pregnant with Phil's baby. Daniel hugs her. Great job by Shawn C.

Stefano proposes a drastic change for Rafe.

Spoilers for Thursday: Carly/Philip. Stefano says bye, bye to Rafe, Brady gets angry at Nicole. Interview announcement this hour!

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