Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday's totally boring tweets

ShareMan, the show was dull Wednesday. I should be able to tweet live at 3 pm today for Thursday's eppy. Let's hope it's better.

Kate visits Melanie at Daniel's. Mel says she won't go back to Phil.

Holy cow, it's the Cheating Heart set! Phil sees Chloe there. Ask where their son is. Good question.

Jenn pickpockets Dr. Frankenstein. He gets another call.

Safe at their apartment. Rafe tells Sami how nice EJ has been. Sami likes the custody agreement. EJ is on the phone, calls Stefano.

Nicole is at the DiMansion. She wants to know what's going on in the basement. She says she knows what they are doing down there.

Maybe we need to start a drinking game every time Dr. F. gets a call.

Rafe is actually giving EJ the benefit of a doubt. Rafe tells Sami the EJole wedding is probably off. Like that color on Sami.

Nicole thinks it's a physical therapy room for Johnny. Good idea! But, nope.

Chloe left Parker with Maggie.

Kate gives Melanie a gift. It was Philip's music box.

Safe starts making out since they are home alone.

Nicole decides she doesn't want to know what's going on in the basement.

Some woman probably Taylor gets a rejected credit card while attempting to book online to return to Salem

Just saw #gwenstefani's make up commercial with "hollaback girl" in the background. That song will be #Stuckinmyhead all day.

Dr. F talks to Santana again on the phone. She's got organs for him.

Safe's done with sex. Sounds like Sydney is there.

Nicole is planning on bringing pizza to Johnny. She leaves. EJ calls Stefano again.

Don't forget our interview with Lauren Koslow tonight! Can't wait.

Kate asks Melanie if she wants to be like Carly and deprive her child of her father.

Chloe's no longer breast feeding. Didn't know she did it in the first place. Maggie shows up with Parker. She's out of bottles for him.

Jenn is in the infirmary. She finds the keys to the file cabinet. The papers have medical codes on them. Gina is at the door.

Funny how the courthouse room looks like Roman's interrogation room. Nicole is there with EJ and Safe. EJ announces the wedding is on.

Santana stops Gina from entering the infirmary. She tells Gina to check on her computer. Jenn can't hear what they are saying.

Kate wants Melanie to get back with Philip. Mel does tell her that she and Phil would share custody.

Philip picks up crying Parker. Chloe's phone was off. Phil offers to take him for a walk. Chloe hands him a binky.

Maggie asks Chloe if she's ok.

EJ shows Safe page 6 did they did not see. EJ puts in the contract that Nicole shares custody with Safe in the event of his death.

Kate tells Melanie that Philip wants to be there for her. Mel tells her to go talk to Chloe.

Jenn takes pics of the files.

Nicole tells Sami she's "so self involved." No shit. Ungrateful Sami doesn't want Nicole around the kids. Didn't Nicole help Johnny?

Jenn's at the Pub. Dr. F shows up again. #stalkermuch

Kate wants Mel to try to get custody of Parker.

Chloe finally realizes Daniel is not coming back. Chloe has a new apartment that Daniel is paying for. Great acting by #NadiaBjorlin.

Brilliant move on EJ's part to make sure Sami won't shoot him again. Rafe tries to calm Sami down.

Mystery woman calls asking for the Salem bus schedule

wow. Maggie mentions Nancy Wesley. Chloe doesn't want to call her parents. Bummer. Would have loved to see them.

awwwww...Parker's only got eyes for Philip.

Kate points out Chloe's fractured life to Melanie. Kate leaves.

Jenn keeps the infirmary key. Dr. F said his keys were missing.

Sami refuses to sign the papers. Nicole asks Rafe how can he stand Sami? Good question!

Totally boring eppy. Thanks for reading. Don't forget our Lauren Koslow interview tonight!

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