Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday's "adults behaving badly" tweets

ShareI tweeted during Wednesday's Days of Our Lives episode. Again, stuff happened, but yet the show is still dull.

Oh no, it's Bope again.

Dr. Jonas testifies at Carly's ethics trial.

Mate at the nice pier. Mel collapses in his arms when she was about to confess about her pregnancy.

EJ reacts badly to the news Johnny's good eye has cancer.

Santana has a gun pulled on Bope. And shoots Bo. Just kidding. Hope had a nightmare.

Jenn's on her cell talking to Santana outside the Pub. She tries to talk her way into working today. Santana says no.

Dr. explains that the quick appearance of the cancer shows it's aggressive. He wants to sedate Johnny and do more tests.

Nicole tries to talk sense into EJ. The Doctor tells EJole that Johnny wants Sami. Nicole wants Sami involved. EJ says no.

Will is studying at the Pub when Jenn shows up. Will sees Gabi outside. Gabi is with some guy. And Will is jealous. *yawn*

Nathan wants to get juice for Mel. She wants to leave. He really wants to talk to her. He wants to be with her.

Dan flashes back to how she obtained his DNA. She swabbed his mouth. He lies that he doesn't know how she got it.

Bo hacked into Santana's email. He knows that Santana received a text to a secret meeting. He attends to go himself.

Bo is confident that the DA will cut a deal. Hope wants to go with Bo. many times have we heard that convo btwn Bope?

Jenn bumps into Dr. Frankenstein. He's flirting with her. #tryingnottobarf

Gabi figures out Will is jealous of Cory.

Ali is taking piano lessons.

Sami remembers Sydney! Rafe's still looking through the DiMera files instead of watching youtube like I suggested.

Nicole is trying to still talk sense of EvilJ. It seems to be working.

Bo actually does talk Hope into staying. That's a first.

Mel tells Nate to go to Baltimore.

Kayla gets mad at Daniel's lying. Kayla is swearing using such awful words like "bull" and "hogwash." lmfao!

Daniel does nail Carly with her annoying habit of interfering in other people's lives.

Kayla refers to Caroline as being under house arrest. Kayla lists all the problems Carly has caused. But her family did themselves in.

EJole shows up at Safe's apartment. Sami's immediately being a bitch. EJ tells her shut up. Nicole tries to get Sami to listen.

Amazing that the only adult in the Johnny storyline is Nicole. Everyone else is acting like brats. #growupalready

Twitter is funny. Jonasbrotherswatch is following me because I typed Dr. Jonas. lol

Carly's testifying. She's confessing she was wrong. She sort of apologizes to Kayla. Carly gets off scot free.

Jenn mentions that Dr. Frankenstein took off his walkabout bracelet. He has to go.

Hope thanks Bo for being with her the last few days. And gives him a hug. He leaves the boat.

Gabi shouldn't have to justify why she's talking to a male classmate. She kisses Will.

Sami is still being a bitch. Nicole tells her the wedding is off for today. Sami fakes concern.

Kayla and Carly fight it out. Kayla asks Daniel if Melanie is going to forgive him for covering up for Carly.

Nathan tells Mel that Carly walked. Mel leaves.

Sami's still being a bitch. Nicole drops the bomb on Sami because EJ gets too choked up. Sami's devastated.

Santana talks to someone in the woods. Bo gets hit from behind.

Carly thanks Daniel. She tells him he won't regret it ever. He rolls his eyes. So am I! lol

Lexie asks Carly to assist in a surgery.

Will apologizes to Gabi. They kiss at the nice pier.

Dr. Frankenstein comes back to the Pub to flirt with Jenn again. Jenn notices its the prefix from the prison on his phone.

Santana and goons drag DumBo away.

Safe shows up at the hospital. Lexie wants to have laser surgery done on Johnny. EJ wants to know why Johnny needs surgery.

Mel looks up pregnancy options online.

Sami's flipping out again.

Dr. Frankenstein tells Jenn he volunteers at the prison infirmary.

Hope worries about Bo. Santana's boss, Stefano is standing over an unconscious Bo. *yawn*

Thanks for reading! Should be able to live tweet Thursday's eppy at 3 pm est.

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