Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's "The Sopranos of Salem" tweets

ShareIt's odd when stuff actually does happen on the show, yet it feels so uneventful.

Here's today's tweets from Tuesday's episode. I missed the first fifteen minutes due to a computer issue. Thanks for the tech help FB friends!

Better late than never...on with the tweets!

Nicole tells EJ she saw something wrong with Johnny's good eye.

Mel's preggers, Nate is at her door. Kayla's comforting Steph. Stefano tells Ej, Lexie that Chad is their brother.

Daniel has movers to help Chloe and Parker move.

Nathan tells Melanie what Steph did. He tells her that Steph thinks Mate is still in love. Nate asks Steph if she's right.

Safe's in Caroline's room. Caroline recovered from the stroke and is discharged.

Stefano and Chad run into each other at the Pub. Stefano already starts making demands. lol

Apparently 1/11/11 is a bad wedding day. EJole was supposed to be married today too. I like Nicole's dress better than Steph's.

Ej tells Nicole to stfu about Johnny's eye. I think EJ is the one with the evil twin.

parker wakes up. Chloe wants Daniel to go to "his" son. He won't go to him.

Mel remembers the pregnancy test and refuses to answer Nathan's question.

Nicole actually apologizes to EvilJ. EvilJ has taken away Nicole's spine.

Caroline visits Steph.

Does Johnny mean he watches Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? That movie sucked.

Looks like nicEJ agrees with Nicole about her diagnosis of Johnny's eye.

Carly's ethics hearing to start.

Stefano tells Chad that if he knew of him before, he never would have abandoned him. Chad would have grown up with a cool accent.

@Ejamirocks I liked 1 and 3, but not 2 and 4. Crystal Skull was awful!

awww..Stefano talks about luv with his latest love child.

Sami's at Steph's too. She tells Sami and Caroline that her relationship is over.

Ejole already has Johnny at the hospital.

Lexie conducting Carly's ethics hearing is hilarious considering all those alive patients she declared were dead.

Dr. Jonas gets called in to Carly's ethics hearing which is funny considering his tendency to grope and date patients.

Sami talks about how she's always thinking about her kids except Sydney, Will, and Allie. lol

Thanks to my FB friends who helped me with my computer issue today. That's why I was late tweeting.

Nathan just happens to show up at the pier to talk to Melanie.

They still haven't said where Chloe's moving to...

Chloe vows to Parker to get Daniel back. She has a plan..

lmao Chad compares the DiMeras to the Sopranos.

Stefano gets a phone call from Tony Soprano...j/k Stefano tells the caller that he hasn't forgotten.

The doctor confirms the cancer has spread to his other eye.

thanks for following along today!


  1. Still not feeling the Chad DiMera story. Kinda liked EJ's suggestions for Chad on Tuesday.

    I hate the Johnny has cancer story redux. I want to see EJAMI be civil and mature (or at least more mature) - but was it necessary to create a children's cancer story. Because we must endure this sl> Days hould engage Matt A to do a retinblastoma PSA to be played at end of episodes centered on Johnny.

  2. ITA They could also include Hunter Tylo (ex Marina Toscano) who has a daughter with the same cancer.