Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's "refined version of mud wrestling" tweets

ShareHere's the tweets during a live viewing of Tuesday's episode of Days of Our Lives and Wednesday's spoilers:

Hope's on the boat, Bo shows up bloody. He passes out. Whoops! Just a daydream for Hope.

Santana gets another phone call. Bo's hiding behind the door.

Unnecessary DOOL flashback of Hope telling Jenn just yesterday about Ben's involvement at the prison.

Victor's dinner date will take place at the K-Mansion.

Johnny wants Rafe to spend the night at the hospital. Unfortunately Rafe won't be getting his own room tied up to life support. #pulltheplug

EJ leaves the DiMansion. Stefano tells a henchman to be more discreet.

Rafe promises Daniel that Sami will behave. Does he not know her?

Scenes are too short. I don't understand the point of 5 second scenes.

Dr. Frankenstein gets another call. Jenn spies Dr. F's keys.

Why is Rafe bitching to Daniel about the DiMeras? Rafe tells Daniel why he feels like a father to Sami's kids.

Chad is at the Java Cafe with Gabi. Gabi feels bad that he's alone, suggests he reach out to the DiMeras. He won't do it.

EJ asks Nicole to pick up Sydney. "Refined version of mud wrestling," how Nicole says EJ loves a Sami/Nicole battle.

According to Nicole, God put her on Earth to raise EJami's kids. lmfao! So EJami was put on Earth to make kids for Nicole to raise?

Bo puts a choke hold on Santana.

Ed Marinaro is back. I still don't know his character's name. #baddiva

Daniel says hello to his future soulmate, Jennifer. #bringbackjackdeveraux

How would Gabi know that Chad's mother wanted him to go to the DiMeras? Has she ever met his mom?

Nicole shows up at the hospital to get Sydney. Rafe says no. So much for civility.

Victor said no to dinner. Maggie thinks he wants sex instead. Victor actually wanted brunch. Maggie's touched. Viv and Brady show up.

Viv and Maggie exchange insults. Victor asks Maggie if bringing Vivian back was a good idea.

Nicole calls EJ to tell him that Sami took Allie and Sydney ice skating. Sami has her kids for one day, and is already being a pest.

Dr. F recommends that Daniel join him and Jenn for "coffee." #threesome

EJ is ok with Sami taking the kids. Nicole finally figures out EJ's split personality. lol

Jenn tries to guilt trip Daniel into being friends with Carly again.

Rafe says, "EJ, acting like a human being for a change." Rafe is such a douchebag. Can Rafe #2 be worse than Rafe #1?

So Sami takes off with the kids, EJ is ok with it. And he's the one being a jerk? Whatever Rafe. #stfu

Viv tells Vic she wants a divorce. Victor thinks he's being punked. The Big Greek starts celebrating.

Hope's computer has a virus. Hope is scared for Jennifer, the person she dragged into this mess.

Jenn remembers she's married when Daniel says Dr. F. likes her. She asks Daniel if he thinks Dr. F. is a good guy.

Nicole plays with Johnny. EJ watches and smiles.

Not only did my son spill o.j. on my table once, he does it again 10 minutes later. #groundedforlife

Victor passes out the champagne. He gets a divorce and his company back the same day. Victor is proud of Brady. He mentions Justin!

Freshly showered Vivian shows up at Maggie. She tells her about the divorce. She thanks Maggie for getting off the island.

According to Viv, everyone lies, "must be something in the drinking water." Calls Maggie the biggest liar.

Jenn says she's "married, sort of." Jenn tells Daniel that she has an ethical problem with using ppl to help her "friend." Hope is doomed.

Daniel tells Jenn to go for it.

Nicole gets a kiss on the cheek. EJ goes in to see Johnny. Rafe walks in with chocolate milk.

Viv says Maggie is lying to herself about her reasons to stay away from Victor.

Jenn pickpockets Dr. F's keys.

There's so much spyware on Hope's computer, only an expert can fix it says Ed Marinaro. Just call Caroline, she's a pro with a computer.

Bo gets captured again. And he's the commish?

Nicole asks Stefano what's going on with him & EJ. She changes her mind, and doesn't want to know. Stefano welcomes her back 2 the family

EJ asks Rafe to stay with Johnny.

Wed: Melanie wants Kate gone. Chloe tells Philip he's as bad as Kate. Sami doesn't want Nicole around the kids.

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