Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's "eaten by crabs in my obituary" tweets

ShareSome funny and emotional moments today on Days of Our Lives. Not as good as Monday's eppy, but it was ok. During the live tweets, the news broke about Jay Kenneth Johnson and Shelley Hennig both quitting DOOL. And there's a few tweets from Thaao Penghlis thrown in. Also, the acquisition of NBC by Comcast finally got approved. All in one hour. lol

@ThaaoPenghlis Do you need us to stir you up? Don't want you to get bored with us.

ThaaoPenghlis thaao penghlis
@Mama_Hooch @Diva_Nikki @divaofdool Sitting in the yard naked reading the Odyssey. Talk about special effects.

@ThaaoPenghlis @Mama_Hooch @Diva_Nikki Is it god-like? lol

ThaaoPenghlis thaao penghlis
What a story, Ulysses tied to the long mast so that the Sirens won't seduce him. Story of every man's life.

DivaofDOOL Carrie M
@Diva_Nikki @ThaaoPenghlis @Mama_Hooch I'm going to have a hard time concentrating on DOOL now. lol

DivaofDOOL Carrie M
@ThaaoPenghlis How many times have you been tied to a mast? lol

DivaofDOOL Carrie M
@Mama_Hooch @ThaaoPenghlis Ulysses scores a lot, while his wife remained faithful for a long time. She's not a hoochie apparently. lol

What exactly did they shoot Bo up with? He seems to like it.

Hope hears footsteps on the boat. Hope it's not Shawn D.

Dr. Jonas tells EJ there's a slight change in plans.

A plane flies over Viv & Gus. Maggie asks Victor what VA stands for on the map. Victor throws Kate under the bus. Maggie figures it out.

SoapDigest Soap Opera Digest
by DivaofDOOL
Shelley Hennig (Stephanie) and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) to exit DAYS! http://soapoperadigest.com/news/breaking/

Holy sheep! Stephanie and Philip to leave DOOL according to SOD.

EJ tells Lexie about Kate's "comforting" Stefano. EvilJ is back. He's being rude to Lexie. Renee Jones' hair looks fabulous though.

Rafe tells Sami that Johnny is strong. Sami's crying.

Oh no. Dr. Frankenstein and Jenn at the Pub again. She wants to ask about his volunteer work at the prison.

Santana grabs Bo by the hair when he the truth serum doesn't work.

Dr. Frankenstein tells Jenn not to volunteer at the prison.

Ed Marinaro is the one at the boat with Hope.

"God is the goodness in all of us," Sami quotes Caroline before she Caroline went bat shizz crazy.

Nicole tries to comfort EvilJ. Good luck on that.

Melanie lies to Philip about her pregnancy. Philip accuses Melanie of planning an abortion behind his back.

Maggie wants Victor to rescue Vivian. Vivian says she's in the 4th circle of Hell. lol Gus finds wine and caviar in the latest payload.

Alison Sweeney's turbo tax commercial, very funny.

Sweepstakes for DOOL fans at the turbo tax website!

Bo gets beaten by the ugly stick by Santana.

Ed Marinaro gives Hope an untraceable cell phone.

Onoz. Dr. Frankenstein tells Jenn she's beautiful. She said she hasn't heard that in a long time. #bringbackjackdeveraux

Poor Johnny has a patch on one eye and a bandage on the other. That poor kid!

@Mama_Hooch Dr. Frankenstein gives me the creeps. You can tell he covets her "organs." lol

Ed calls Hope and reports that there's no Bo and there's been a struggle.

Nathan breaks up the Bennifer crapfest.

Melanie says she'll have the baby.

Victor tells Maggie that Vivian has all the comforts of home. Maggie is not happy with Victor.

lmfao No opener for the wine. Vivian releases her inner Scarlett. "As God as my witness, I will leave this island."

Johnny can see! EJami gives him a big hug. Johnny can't see from far away. Sami wants to throw a party. Johnny says his b-day is in Oct.

Magic is bickering. zzzzzzzz

Apparently Vivian removed the cork with her teeth. lol

Dr. Frankenstein leaves. Jenn talks to Nathan about Steph.

Philip tells Melanie he's different now when it comes to babies. He tells her she changed him. Phil wants another chance.

Johnny gets an FBI hat. Johnny doesn't want to nap. too cute. #givethatkidanemmy

NicEJ is back. He pecks Nicole on the lips. He thanks her for spotting the cancer. Nic wants to set a wedding date...

EJ wants to wait to discuss a wedding date. Tells Judge Fitzpatrick that wedding is postponed. Nicole is not happy.

Rafe thanks Carly. Carly asks him to find Bo.

Bo tells Santana that Hope is sneaky. Calls Santana an "evil bitch." Santana figures out that Bo is a masochist. lol

Victor tells Maggie he wishes he wasn't such of a disappointment to her.

EJ tries to remove the FBI hat. Johnny says no.

Sami thanks Nicole. Nicole tells Sami that she's losing EJ, Sydney, and Johnny. She tells Sami that Sami won.

Victor tells Maggie he would do anything for her, but not bring back Vivian. Maggie agrees to dinner if Vivian is brought back.

Mel wants Philip out. He leaves.

Hope calls Dr. Frankenstein's phone. Nathan answers.

Sami is on cloud 9. Sami wants Rafe to stop investigating the DiMeras. They start making out in the hospital. Gross. Germs.

Nicole tells Sydney that EJ doesn't need her anymore.

Johnny asks NicEJ if he's friends with Sami again. Johnny asks if EJ is friends with Rafe, but Carly interrupts.

EJ sees the Safe make out session. EJ says out loud that Rafe is not his bff.

Thanks for reading along.

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