Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday's "Why can't we be friends?" tweets


Thursday's episode was remarkably good. There were several "pass the tissues" moments about Johnny. Here's the lowdown:

Rehash from yesterday's Sami breakdown.

Santana wants to harvest Bo's organs. Stefano calls her an idiot. lol

Daniel wants permission to possibly remove Johnny's eye in advance.

Will and Gabi k-i-s-s-i-n-g at the nice pier. She tries to stop.

Stefano warns Santana about Hope.

Bo wakes up. Santana says she's Hope's worst nightmare. Carly and Billie both object and say they are Hope's worst nightmare.

Sami says she's not going to cry. I need a shocked smiley right now.

NicEJ thanks Nicole for spotting Johnny's cancer

Rafe called Will to tell him to come to the hospital. Sami says she and EJ don't deserve a miracle. Rafe tries to talk sense to her.

NicEJ tells Sami that Johnny is waking up. Lexie tells Rafe that Sami is lucky to have him.

Nicole tells Rafe that Johnny told her that he still liked her but not to marry his daddy.

Sami tells Johnny he needs another surgery. Johnny is breaking my heart. He's scared. awwww This show is so mean!

Bo tells Santana to take off the blindfold. He's not that kinky. lol

Santana wants Bo to tell her where Hope is. Hope is investigating online.

The Butler fills Stefano in on Johnny being at the hospital. Stefano's call to EJ goes to voice mail. Then he calls Lexie.

Lexie tells Stefano that Johnny is going back into surgery. Joe M is breaking my heart! #damnthisshow

Johnny asks EJami if they are going to fight. Great line. Any kid would ask that in his situation. EJami recites Johnny's relatives.

Will brings in Ali. Sami puts her in bed with her twin. Ali said she'll see for Johnny. I'm crying. #thanksalotDOOL

There's a half an hour to go? #passthetissues

Nicole wants to know if Daniel is up to the surgery. Carly butts in. Nicole has a legitimate point. Nicole apologizes.

Daniel tells Carly privately that Nicole had a valid point.

Stefano meets with Dr. Frankenstein at the nice pier. Stefano wants a donor eye for Johnny.

NicEJ thanks Will, tells Will Johnny is lucky to have a brother like him. Will bashes EJ. EJ tells him to be respectful.

Sami tells EJ Johnny will need his whole family. EJ doesn't want a lecture from Sami. Lexie agrees with Sami. #hellfreezesover

Santana threatens Bo and leaves. He's in the brick spot where Rafe was held by Meredith. #bringbackthebrick

Dr. Frankenstein tells Stefano he's not doing organ transplants for money. *rolls eyes*

Santana calls Gina. She tells Gina that Hope has internet. Gina figures out Hope hacked into Santana's account.

Too bad Stefano wasn't into organ donation business back when he wanted Johnny's stem cells in utero. We could have skipped that whole s/l.

Nicole brings Sydney to Sami. Nicole is touched by Sami's reaction to her daughter. Could it be possible that Nicole is growing up?

Stefano mentions he went through the organ transplant personally himself. I'm glad someone at #DOOL remembered that.

Lexie announces to Johnny's family they are ready to get started. Nicole offers Johnny a sundae when it's over. Rafe says comforting words

Hope can no longer hack into Santana's account. Santana injects Bo with truth serum.

Daniel tells Carly he can work with her but not be her friend. #whycantwebefriends

EJami comforts Johnny. I lost my electricity temporarily. That's all I saw. Thanks for following along.


  1. I have a question, why is Carly always "assisting" in surgery? Isnt she the one with laser experience not Daniel? But Daniel is leading the surgery? He leads everything! They need to get Monica Quartermain (not Emily) to Salem Hospital she'd set them straight!

  2. Great point. I have no idea why she's assisting, when Lexie specifically asked for her expertise.

  3. Everyone always assist to Daniel I'm getting tired of it even on shows like Greys Anatomy/ER different doctors had their expertise but on Days Daniel is the only doctor that gets to do anything heck he even came up with the miracle drug that saved Nathan/Melanie...of course Carly tested it on herself but you know what I mean. I guess its because he's Higleys pet.

  4. Diva, why do you keep calling the Lady Warden "Santana"? I heard some some say her first and last name the other day ( already forgot what is was ) but is was nothing latin sounding at all.

  5. Excellent question! The Warden's name is Jane Smith. The actress, Gina Gallego, played Santana Andrade on Santa Barbara. Robin Mattson who is Trustee Lee, played Gina on Santa Barbara also. With both SB actresses in the same s/l, I couldn't resist. Besides, Santana and Gina sounds better than Jane and Lee! lol

  6. Katie, I guess so.

    When Sheffer was writing he had race car driver Stephanie as a flight attendant with Chelsea, and the young boys were the pilots. It was super sexist and demeaning because the girls were also hired for their looks to be sexy for the clients of the private jet.

  7. "Daniel is the only doctor that gets to do anything heck he even came up with the miracle drug that saved Nathan/Melanie..."

    The irony is that back in the 90s it was Carly who discovered the cure to the virus that almost killed Bo. The treatment of Carly vs. Daniel isn't at all surprising. The writers are sexist and Daniel is Higley's pet.

  8. I remember Carly developing that cure! Then they acted like she couldnt even keep it together when Melanie had that virus. Here is a woman who was buried alive but she can't think straight in a medical situation but big strapping Daniel can ugh so sexist.

  9. Hey Katie. Gave you a shout out at the podcast tonight. We mentioned the sexism thing in regards to Carly and Daniel.

  10. Well, that is a dumb reason to call Jane Smith "Santana". While you are at it why don't you refer to Carly by her character name from that other soap she was on. Or call the actor that plays Brady - Ethan Crane?

  11. CC was Carly before she was Olivia. Eric Martsolf is doing a wonderful job as Brady.

    The characters of Jane and Lee are temporary. The actresses are already done filming.