Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday's tweets of Days of Our Lives

ShareDull show other than the Vivian stuff. Here's how it went down:

Philip finds Brady reading Melanie's book about Greeks.

Who told Brady the news about Parker? Brady punches Philip.

Melanie calls in sick, and cleans Maggie's silver. Mel can move into my house any time! I can find some things for her to clean.

Word travels quickly. Nathan knows that Caroline switched the paternity tests.

Rafe is investigating the DiMeras. I'm curious why there's only one box of material too. wouldn't it be easier for him to watch youtube?

More ejami sniping at each other.

Vivian breaks up the Phil/Brady fight. I don't know why she did.

Good thing Mary is on the ball and discovers missing Johnny.

Phil lets Vivian have it for manipulating Chloe into having sex with him. Brady leaves.

Maggie's pushing Nathan on Melanie now. zzzzz

Stefano tells EJ that Johnny ran away.

The cops found Johnny and take him to see Rafe. Poor kid.

"The Potty Dance" pull-ups commercial so far is more entertaining than the show.

Vivian is absolving Philip from her revenge since he already got revenge on himself for her. lol

Brady tells Kate that he got his bruise from congratulating Phil on his new son.

Vivian has to go to Bermuda for Titan. And she's bringing Gus. How romantic. lol

Phil's returning Mel's book to Maggie. Maggie's not happy with him.

omg...Steph asks Kayla how could she spill the beans before Steph's wedding. *rolls eyes*

Steph vows not to forgive Kayla if Nathan dumps her.

Rafe calls Sami and tells her he has Johnny. She doesn't tell EJ who doesn't tell her Johnny's missing. My head hurts.

Gus asks if Viv wants champagne. She says she wants her head clear. lol Viv's claustrophobic from the coffin incident.

Viv doesn't like the Titan jet. Claustrophobia getting to her. Gus wants to party.

Johnny must be some sort of genius. He didn't get those genes from either side of his family.

Sami reunites with Johnny. Smart kid packed a banana, juice box, and 3 pairs of socks. What more do you need really?

Kayla says she won't tell Nathan what a big liar her daughter is.

Peggy McCay is doing a great job.

Mel wants Phil to stay away from Parker.

Nathan gives Caroline new blood pressure meds. Wants to know what is upsetting her.

EJ is not happy about Nicole losing Johnny. My son just called EJ a bully. lol

Sami wants to disappear with Johnny forgetting her other daughter Sydney still lives in the DiMansion. She gave up on Syd quickly.

Viv feels that something is wrong during her flight. Brady is talking to someone on the plane.

Phil tells Mel he never loved anyone as much as he loves her. Of course he also said that to Chloe, Steph, Morgan, Belle, etc.

EJ tells Nicole and Stefano that Johnny is at the SPD.

Steph accidentally tells Nathan that Phil is the father. Whoops.

Brady reveals himself to be the mastermind of Vivian's kidnapping. The pilot wants Viv to put on a jumpsuit.

Nathan says Melanie is better off without Phil. I don't think Nathan is a better alternative.

Sami tries to talk Johnny into going back to EJ's. He's ok with that plan. EJole shows up.

Ej wants to know if Sami was behind Johnny running away. Sami denies it. Says EJ can't control Johnny loving his mum.

uh oh. Phil is going to lay down the law with Stephanie. Nathan leaves work to go see Melanie.

Gus and Viv get pushed out of the plane. lol

Sami says Johnny is a Brady for running away.

That's the end. Other than the Viv stuff, good eppy to skip.

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