Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's "sluts work for me" tweets

ShareHere's today's tweets, lots of nasty insults thrown at women today by the men on the show. They must be trying to use up their swear words quota. lol

Daniel comforts Mel over her pregnancy. Phil leaves her a voice mail outside the Pub. Carly starts bashing him.

Brady tells Nicole he won't support her anymore. Nicole keeps talking about the kids and not Brady.

Rafe reads Johnny a bed time story.

Stefano tells EJ of the change in Rafe that will make Sami not love Rafe anymore. Stefano's going to give him a personality. lol

Will & Gabi start kissing on the couch. Allie busts them. lol

Brady is so sexy when he's angry. Purrrrrrrr Brady denies having found someone else.

Stefano and EJ leave the morning room to see what Stefano's plan is.

Phil realizes Carly doesn't know about Mel's pregnancy.

Brady practically drags out Nicole. He tells her to take her drama somewhere else. Victor claps. lol

Will gets Allie to go back to bed. He goes back to the couch with Gabi, Rafe walks in. #getaroom

EvilJ laughs after seeing Stefano's plan. Stefano said he planned this about the time Rafe was searching for Anna. #bringbackannadimera

Mel is still raging against Philip. Mel tells Dan she's lucky to have him. Mel tells him Carly doesn't know yet.

Phil tells Carly how she has hurt Mel. Kate interrupts. Kate's about to learn she's going to be a g-ma again.

EvilJ tells Stefano that Sami and the kids will never be harmed by Stefano's plan. Stefano thinks EJ is "still in love with that bitch."

Forgot to add the date/time for the Lauren Koslow interview on the blog today. DOH! It's there now as well as the blogtalkradio link.

Victor toasts Brady washing that woman out of his hair. Victor gives Nicole a bunch of nasty nicknames. Brady says sluts work for him!

Victor tells Brady he knows about Vivian and the island. Victor asks for Viv to be brought back.

Nicole visits Johnny. He asks for Sami.

Allie blabs to Rafe about the Will/Gabi kissing. Rafe tells Gabi to leave. Rafe tells Will to #getaroom.

EvilJ doesn't want to talk about Nicole. He starts to tell his idea to Stefano apparently off screen or the editing sux. Either one.

Daniel tells Carly off screen that Melanie is pregnant.

Kate tries to talk sense into Phil about Melanie forgiving him. Phil's confident he'll get her back.

Mel runs into her bff Brady at the Pub. Sexy, pissed off Brady tells Melanie he doesn't like people telling him what to do.

My computer froze up before, recap: Brady's not happy about Vic asking him to bring Viv back.

EJ shows up at Rafe's with Sydney. Super fake NicEJ apologizes for not calling first. EJ tells Rafe about his promise to God.

EJ leaves. Will and Rafe exchange wtf? looks.

Phil tells Kate to wear a warmer coat, and forget about fashion. Kate and I both laughed at the same time. #sillyboy

Kate tells Philip she's back at the DiMansion. They hug. awwww

Stefano tells someone on the phone to put his plan into motion.

Nicole reads to Johnny. He's asleep. EJ overhears her.

Brady tells Vic he'll bring back Viv. Brady says to himself he'll bring Vivian back his way for his reasons.

Carly thanks Daniel for telling her the news.

Phil got a little nervous when Mel calls him. She wants to meet.

Nicole laments that even though she found Johnny's cancer, that EJ doesn't want her around. Whoops! She sees EJ behind her.

EJ tells Nicole that everything's changed.

Does seem hypocritical of Rafe to tell Will 2 not make out with Gabi with the kids there, but he had no problem banging Sami with them there

Stefano laughs about his plans against Safe. Kate hears him.

Friday: Mel yells at Phil, Chloe yells at Stephanie, #state Thanks for reading!


  1. Euh ok Ej made all this grand controlling act with his tracking bracelet for Nicole but one wee k after and in soap land maybe three days after he doesn't notice that Nicole came to see Brady..dumb dumb writing and worse the guy wants still to marry her i bet..and for what already ? This writing doesn't make any sense..puke.

  2. That's a good point about EJ not knowing that Nicole went to see Brady. They made such a big deal about the tracking bracelet so Nicole couldn't sneak around. The writers aren't paying attention things from one day to the next. But I'm not sure that Days' viewers care that much. The show has never been good on keeping details straight, especially under this group of writers. People still watch the show and it's maintaining steady ratings. Go figure.