Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday's "a nanny with benefits" tweets

ShareDefinitely a better episode today of Days of Our Lives. We even got Justin/Adrienne sex!

Lexie and Dan at the hospital. Dan is distracted he says. Must be thinking about who he is going to grope next. Lexie about Chloe.

Dan says nothing's going on with Danloe. Chloe again is conspiring to get Dan back.

Adrienne bartending at the Cheating Heart. Chad asks for a job.

EJ is surprised that Sami rejected his offer of joint custody. Rafe takes Sami's side. #rollseyes

Hurricane Sami shows up at the K-Mansion asking for free legal advice from Justin.

I wish there was a way to mute Rafe only on the show.

I like the Scarlett O'Hara-esque drapes at the KMansion. Obviously Justin doesn't know about Sami shooting EJ. He wants to go to court.

Lexie checks Johnny's vitals. Lucky for Johnny he woke up before she declare him dead. lol Johnny tells Lexie about Chad.

Chad says he's not 21 yet. Adrienne takes his name and number in case something comes up. He doesn't give his last name.

Maggie discovers Chloe left. Chloe leaves a note.

Chloe shows up with Parker to the hospital. She only wants Daniel to see the baby.

EJ says Nicole is a wonderful mother. Nicole tells Rafe about Sami's past misdeeds. She should be an attorney.

According to SOD. Kyle Lowder fired from B&B

Justin tells Sami to get a grip. Good luck on that!

Lexie runs into Chad at the Pub. He asks her to sit down and update him on Johnny. Lexie invites him to join the Di-Family.

Lexie tells Chad that Johnny bonded with this stuffed frog.

Justin smartly ushers Sami out. Tells her not to talk to EJ.

EJ wants to call and apologize to Sami. Rafe talks him out of it. Rafe offers to talk to Sami for him. EJ says Nicole stays in the contract

Rafe calls Nicole "a nanny with benefits." lol

Safe is back at their apartment. Sami needs to get over Nicole already.

Victor shows up at Maggie's. Victor loves a good "chinwag" with Chloe. lol Maggie thinks something is wrong with Chloe.

Maxine says nothing is wrong with Parker. Daniel tells Maxine to go. Daniel is pissed!

Justin and Adrienne omg! Justin calls Adrienne "a very classy dame." #swoon

Lexie tries to talk Chad into have a relationship with whichever Di-Family member he wants, and no relationship with whom he doesn't want.

Daniel offers to call Maggie to pick up Chloe and Parker

Nicole wants to know if EJ is sincere that she's a good mother. I forgot Sydney's b-day is coming up.

Rafe tells Sami if she doesn't sign the agreement, Nicole will be her kids' mother 24/7 instead of half the time. #dothemath Sami!

Magic shows up to get Chloe. Daniel wants Vic nowhere near Chloe. Daniel tells Magic what Chloe did.

Daniel has to file a report with child services. Maggie talks to Chloe.

EJ breaks out the martinis. He toasts to "domestic tranquility." Nicole loves her dirty martinis. #feeltheheat

Rafe gets a call. Sami leaves to get air. Rafe discovers her missing.

Adrienne says she never stopped loving Justin. He says ditto. They kiss. omg I just love these two! @wallykurth #judievans

Chad admits to being afraid Stefano will take over his life. That was a nice sibling bonding moment with Lexie.

Sami is driving in her car, Rafe is behind her in his. Of course, there's an accident.

Adrienne locks the door before "happy hour." She says, "it's going to be a very happy hour." #sexonthepooltable

Victor calls Kate to talk about Parker. Maggie finds Chloe rocking the baby while zoned out. Daniel wants to file the report on Chloe.

Daniel calls Melanie.

Nicole talks about sending her mom family pics.

Rafe gets in a wreck.

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  1. I wonder what the refelting (is that a word) bill is for that place, everyone has sex on the pool table.