Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ode to Dr. Dan


Diva Spy Network contributor, Anna, wrote this magnificent poem about Dr. Daniel Jonas in 2008. Anna recited it for us during last night's blogtalkradio show.

Ode to Dr. Dan
Christmas 2008
I don't see an Ejami, Lumi, Tanna or Date, I see us bound by the love of DanHate;
We are like snowflakes, no two are alike,,,but we all want to see Dan leave town on his bike;
Despite the forced pairings and dumb plot device, we know who's been naughty and who has been nice.
Sure, we may want Ejole, or an angel and cupid, or simply for EJ to not look so stupid;
We may want a Safe, or God forbid Chan, but there's no mistaking our disgust for Saint Dan.
While some may like Chex or have low self esteem, we all wish we hadn't seen Dan's nasty dream;
Dan is a perv and a creep we agree, and none want to see what's under his tree!
It's not his fault, it's the writers' pen, but let's just hope he won't touch her again.
There's something familiar about Chloe and deer, that special look when cars come near;
We don't want to see it, the grope or the looks, fore Chlan is just gross, in most of our books!
Please writers please, have mercy on us, and throw someone else, under the bus!!!

Circa 2008 couple names:
Date=Daniel and Kate, Chan=Chelsea and Daniel, Chlan=Chloe and Daniel (Daniel gets around….)
Chex=Chelsea and Max (barf); Chuncle (not in the Ode but another name for Chelsea + her Uncle (Max).


  1. Get ready to add Jennifer to that list. Spoilers say her and Daniel start a relationship after he plays "superman" yet again and saves her in the prison storyline.

  2. LOL that's pretty much what inspired the dusting off of this "Ode"... patient loving Dr. Dan will be at it again soon... ugh!

  3. I thought that he would start something up with Carly for sure after he saved her in the virus storyline...I guess she was the one who "got away" HA HA!

  4. Never heard "Chuncle" before. That's awesome! LOLOLOL!!!!

    I know Danloe has their fans but I still think Dan is pervy and gross ever since he hooked up with Chelsea. Danloe isn't quite as bad, but still bad nonetheless. The Doctor/Patient hookups have to stop! EW.

  5. Having Ej with Nicole again is so much worse than any Dan pairings IMO : the guy abused her and tried to murder her (right now use her and abuse her AGAIN), did not show any remorse about it and and did not even love her just use her as a rebound and because she was pregnant (yeah not so much i know) about pathetic and i don't even speak about her kidnapping his child and let him mourn a child whereas she knew it was not his...ah and they are boring..just puke to this..i tell you worse than Dan dr feelgood !! lol

  6. We're not comparing characters. This poem is 2 years old. Anna dusted it out of the archives because of the future s/l with Jennifer. I don't think anyone was saying EJ was better than Dan.

  7. Hee hee, thanks to Anon re: Chuncle... Yeah I'm "kind" of twisted that way :).

    Diva, yes thank you re: the clarification. My Ode to Dr. Dan was not meant to be an answer to the Ode to EJ. Hmmm, maybe I should write one of those now...Or maybe I should add Jennifer to Dr. Dan's little tribute. I'll report back on that one, lol. and btw, Diva, you picked a good one re: Dr. Dan's pic... the dork-O-meter got stuck on that one...

  8. lol I used that Dan pic before. Found it in my archives.