Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday's "trip the light fantastic" tweets

ShareMonday's eppy was lackluster. Here's the scoop:

Viv has leaves in her hair. lol Viv shrieks at the lack of wine. Gus wants his ounce of wine.

Mel's got morning sickness. Mel tells Maggie she told Nathan about her pregnancy. Mel excuses herself from the room. Victor shows up.

Cute Magic flirting.

Parker is crying at the hospital. Daniel looks like hell. Chloe is snippy.

Philip shows up at the DiMansion to ask Kate if she regretted hiding Lucas' paternity. She said, "everyday."

Jenn is at the Pub with Carly. Carly wants to move out of town. For some reason, Jenn tries to stop her. #dontgoawaymadjustgoaway

Hope wakes up Nathan in his bedroom. Scares the bat crap out of him. Hope tells Nathan that the prisoners were being murdered.

Hope asks Nathan how he got involved in the organ mess. Stefano is on the phone with Santana. He hangs up with her. She threatens Bo.

Hope tells Nathan it was someone else's phone. Nathan's got bedhead. lol Nathan tells Hope about Dr. Frankenstein.

Jenn reminds Carly she should be in Salem for Melanie. Carly tells Jenn that Bo called. Jenn's mad she didn't tell her sooner.

Gus and Viv fight over the wine. It spills. They spot a plane.

Victor tells Maggie he accepts her terms. He says he can't wait to "trip the light fantastic." lol That's a bit dated doncha think?

Kate feels bad about depriving Lucas and Bill a relationship. Kate tells Philip 2 push Chloe over a cliff if need be 2 get away from Parker

Danloe bickers over Parker. She wants him back.

Maggie says she doesn't want 2 dance. Victor didn't want 2 dance either. Mel walks in. He tells her he's sorry, he'll support the baby.

Hope needs Nathan's help. Santana calls someone asking if they want a live skeet shoot with Bo.

It's a helicopter with Brady on it to rescue Gus and Viv.

Phil is not interested in taking Parker from Chloe. Kate calls him a wuss.

Dr. Frankenstein interrupts the Danloe discussion.

Nathan interrupts Carly/Jenn. Carly leaves. Nathan delivers a message to Jenn.

Santana tells Bo for some stupid reason that this guy she hired car broke down. Come on, she's not that stupid.

Victor tells Mel she has his full support no matter if she stays with Phil or not. He leaves.

Maggie says the Mel hurt her feelings by saying to Vic that the baby has no family. Mel apologizes and calls Maggie the baby's grandma

Stefano congratulates Philip on his fatherhood. Phil hears the basement racket. Stefano is stressed. He won't tell Kate what's wrong.

Santana leaves, Bo tries to escape. Hope is back on the boat, Jenn shows up.

Brady has papers for Viv to sign. Love smart, dark Brady!

Maggie leaves Melanie and Nathan alone

Carly walks in to Daniel's, he gets another knock on the door. Chloe shows up.

Hope asks Jenn for help. Satana tells Dr. Frankenstein she has organs for him soon. She might not want to shoot Bo then multiple times.

Bo frees himself.

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Victor opens the door for Maggie. Maggie wants proof before the date.

Stefano tells Kate to drop it.

Melanie jokes that her morning sickness lasts all day to Nathan. Nathan tells Mel he wants to be with her. He loves her.

Chloe tells Daniel the baby feels better. He shuts the door.

Jenn is stunned that Dr. Frankenstein is behind the organ donations. Jenn gives Hope a picture from Ciara, and Ciara's Xmas gift to Hope.

Kate leaves grumpy Stefano. He calls EJ.

Victor shows Maggie a clip of Vivian climbing up the rope ladder of the helicopter. She wants Chez Rouge, he says he'll plan the date.

Melanie turns down Nathan again.

Poor Parker is crying at the Brady Pub. Phil shows up. Phil tries smiling at the baby, then gives Parker his finger to grip. It works!

Phil wants to change Parker Daniel Jonas's name. Chloe says the name is perfect, and tries to leave.

Jenn talks to Dr. Frankenstein. She tells him Hope is her cousin. She wants him to give her updates on Bope.

Dr. F tells Jenn he's supposed to start at the infirmary tomorrow. Hope looks at Ciara's drawing. Santana finds Bo missing.

Tues: Stefano tells EJ that Safe won't know what hit them. Viv asks Vic for a divorce.

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