Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's "online harmonious hook ups" tweets

ShareWe got the good scriptwriter today. If you love snarkiness as much as I do, Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives is a must see episode.

EJ at the DiMansion looking at Johnny's pic. Stefano enters. They both want to tell each other something first.

Victor guesses that Kate is spending the night somewhere. He jokes that its an online hook up. Kate said she's going to Stefano's. lol

Vic says he didn't realize that Kate needed money.

Gus tells Viv to sthu! Asks where the food is.

Carly accuses Chloe of asking about her ethics hearing to learn if Daniel is there.

Stephanie and Melanie fight. Brady breaks it up.

NicEJ tells Stefano he wants to live up to his promise to God by letting Sami be involved in Sydney and Johnny's lives.

Steph leaves. Tells Mel she hopes there's no pre-nup. Brady stops Mel from attacking Stephanie. lol

Sounds like we got the good scriptwriter today. Sweet.

Carly shouldn't have told Chloe about Johnny's condition. She's not family to him.
@DivaofDOOL Can you say HIPPA violation? What happened to doing everything by the books now that she still has her license? LOL
@Nicholle78 lol She didn't keep her ethics promise a whole day.

Kate tells Victor the news about Johnny. Victor wants to know what happened to Vivian.

Viv rations the water. Gus calls her "Margaret Thatcher." Viv thinks it's a compliment. He tells her it's not.

Steph finds Nathan at the Pub. He turned down Johns Hopkins.

Mel gives Brady the paperwork. He learns she's preggers.

Stefano takes NicEJ's detente news well. Stefano wants to know how long it will last.

Kate shows Vic the map to Viv's island that is named after her. Victor is impressed.

Chloe and Philip talk at the nice pier. Chloe wants Philip to forget Parker is his son.

Brady refers to Philip's population explosion. lol Mel says she'll never be happy again.

Chloe wants Philip no where near Parker to get Daniel back. So glad Chloe is thinking on what's best for her son.

Brady agrees to keep Melanie's secret, and be her friend.

Stefano asks about Nicole. Sounds like the wedding is off. Damn, #jamesscott is amazing.

Stefano announces that Kate is spending the night when she walks in.

Stephanie wants Nathan to go to Johns Hopkins.

Melanie realizes that Chloe could blab about her pregnancy. Oh, I'd bet on that!

Maggie stops by the KiMansion. Maggie bashes Kiriakis men. She wants to pack Melanie's stuff. She sees the map with Viv's island.

Chloe tells Philip that she thinks Melanie is pregnant.

Oh no. The band, Heart, sold "What about love?" to Swiffer. #thatsjustwrong.

Victor chastises Maggie for hitting "below the belt." Maggie apologizes. Victor tells her not to apologize. Maggie asks where Viv is.

Viv attempts to eat spam. But Gus has the can opener.

NicEJ thanks Kate for taking care of Stefano. EJ offers Kate a drink.

Melanie's happy that Carly kept her license. They discuss Johnny. Mel asks if Carly would still have her if she had to do it over.

Kate offers to leave EJ alone. They have a nice chat.

Nathan tells Stephanie to take responsibility for her own actions. Yeah, that's going to happen.

Philip tells Chloe that because Mel got sick in her presence that it doesn't mean she's pregnant. lol

Carly tells Mel she's the best thing that ever happened to her. And she wonders why her son isn't around. lol

Birth control commercial during DOOL. Now that should be used as a product placement DURING the show.

Gus wants to be rescued alone. He changes his mind. She offers him spam. She says the Kiriakisezzzz are the enemy.

Maggie figures out that Victor did something to Vivian.

Stephanie realizes that Nathan isn't worth it. About flippin' time. He leaves.

Chloe runs into her other ex on the pier. She questions Brady's changes, he questions hers.

Ej gets a call from Carly. Johnny is awake. They are ready to remove his bandages.

Philip asks Mel if she's pregnant.

Tuesday's spoilers: Bo won't tell Santana where Hope is, Phelanie, and Johnny's bandages get removed. Thanks for reading along!

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