Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday's "Chloe's slutty ass" tweets

ShareTweets from Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives. I will be tweeting live today at 3 pm est during Tuesday's episode.

Poor Stefano has to open his own door. And it's his latest "new" son, Chadwick.

Victor is wondering where Viv is, and tells Kate.

Viv is thinking of poison vodka to get here revenge on Brady/Kate.

Daniel's back at work, Mel talks to him.

Mel's looking into divorce attorneys for her and her dad.

Carly stops by Chloe's.

Nathan's confronting Steph today.

Nathan accuses Steph of knowing the entire time.

Kate vaguely tells Victor what happened to Viv. Tells Victor he should be proud of Brady. lol

Carly regrets meeting Chloe.

idk Carly, I think you still would have covered up for Chloe if you knew she slept with Philip, as long as Phil wasn't the father.

Mel yells at Kayla for visiting Caroline.

Daniel wants to let it all go, Mel's hysterical.

Chad wants Stefano out of his life for good. Good luck on that!

I used to hate Daniel, but he has grown on me as a dad. His groping is still disturbing though. Can't get that out of my head.

Chloe wants Carly to help her get Daniel back. She's not interested.

Steph tells Nathan she did try to get Caroline to confess, which is true.

Ship passes Viv by. Apparently Viv and Gus don't know how to make fire. Gus shoves her! omg! lol

Kate and Victor talk about Chloe. They both want her to move without the baby.

Carly finds Dan at the hospital. Daniel doesn't want Carly to explain.

Steph denies trying to switch the tests herself. Nathan figures out it was Ian who helped Steph via her own email.

Nathan tells Steph "it's over." Thank God.

When did Chloe have time to get packed when half of Salem has been in her apartment today?

Stefano and Chad are boring me. How many times do we need this conversation?

@Mama_Hooch Gus is cool, but he's not Ivan.

Stephanie breaks and confesses to Nathan.

Gus divvied up the island between himself and Viv.

Steph confronts Nathan on being in love with Melanie. Glad she called him out on that.

Steph knew how this storyline would end. SO DID WE!

Mel's kicking Chloe out of Chloe's apartment.

Mel throws up at Chloe's. Chloe decides to leave now, is probably going to be a good idea. #notcleaningupbarf

I'm liking Daniel. He's more concerned about Mel's suffering than his own. Kayla butts in.

Viv doesn't understand why everyone hates her. lol

omg Viv is doing soul searching!

Kate sees Chad at the Pub. Chad asks if State is over. She confirms. #reuniteState

Kayla says Caroline will probably face charges. Yeah right.

Kayla tells Carly that Carly faces felonies and ethics charges.

Personal Foul on Kayla Johnson. 15 yard penalty for mentioning that Bo isn't there for Carly.

Steph begs Nathan on her knees to stay with her. Get some self respect!

omg! Shirtless Brady. I'm feeling faint!

Viv's dreaming about Brady. Join the club girl!

Kate tells Chad why she's out of the DiMansion. Kate warns Chad he'll never be free of Stefano.

Stefano leaves a message for Lexie.

lmao Carly tells Daniel she'll find a way to make it right.

Chloe figures out Melanie is pregnant. Mel denies it.

Nathan leaves. Steph cries at the door. #soapcliche

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday: Nicole tells Ej there's something wrong with Johnny. Nathan says it's over, Steph says it's not.


  1. Your tweet thing is stupid. We don't need to you tell us what we were watching at the same time.

  2. Considering the hits I'm getting from the tweets blog posts and the new followers I get on twitter because I'm doing them, I think I'll keep doing it. Thanks for you comment.