Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Matt Ashford's calendar for Retinoblastoma International

Matthew Ashford created a calendar to raise money for Retinoblastoma International. He co-founded RI and serves on its board. Matt's daughter, Emma, has retinoblastoma. Here are some comments from buyers of Matt's calendar:

Reactions to “Matt’s Musings”:

“The calendar really is beautiful. The images online don't do it justice. Tonight, I was looking at RBI's page. A woman just lost her young son to this eye cancer right before New Year's. And another family was gearing up for surgery for their three-year-old child before Christmas. Matt and Christina must hear these stories all the time. It’s heartbreaking. I’ll gladly skip a few lattes at the coffee shop to help out. Thank you, Matt, not only for creating the calendar for us to enjoy, but for fighting the good fight to help
children and their families. God bless.”

“Thank you, Matt, for using your talent for a worthy cause, and for sharing it with the rest of us.”

“The first time I became aware of Matt’s drawing ability was while he was playing the character of Jack on Days of our Lives. Jack had lost his voice and was reduced to using a whiteboard and a marker pen to communicate. He (Matt) would sometimes “doodle” in the margins. Later, Matt appeared on a celebrity game show where drawing was essential, and you could tell he had talent. But those times only offered brief glimpses of what he could do. It is nice to finally see samples of his work. A man of many talents!”

“Pretty coooooooooolllllll, just received a treat, your calendar. … I will put it in a place of honor in my office ...”

“Matt! I'm so delighted and thrilled by what you've done! Each drawing is special, but together they're amazing in how they all fit together and tell a story -- I love the snowman who melts down to nothing and then is reborn as a "rain" man a la Gene Kelly. And the kid chasing after the school bus! lol. I love how apples become letters and how letters become flower stems. In general, I'm in awe of the poetry of words and images - how you composed each piece – just wonderful.”

“Ordered [another one] today...can't wait to give it to my neighbor. She's a huge fan of yours too! I know I love my calendar.”

“My niece will probably use her copy as a coloring book (I hope Matt won’t mind). But I want to keep mine just the way it is. This is a great way to support a great cause!”

Basic Information:
All proceeds from the sale of this calendar go to support the work of Retinoblastoma

International, which aims to eliminate childhood eye cancer.

The price is $10 each – order as many as you like.

Dimensions are 8.5 x 11 (folds out to 11 x 17)

Pay by credit card or PayPal.

We ship worldwide. (Already have shipped to England, Japan, and New Zealand)

Easiest way to order is to go to www.retinoblastoma.net The link to the calendar is on the main

Questions? Send us an email: info@retinoblastoma.net

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