Friday, January 7, 2011

Mark Hapka out as Nathan

Soap Opera Digest broke the news of Mark's firing. I'm really surprised that they let Mark go. I was never a Nathan fan, but I got the impression that Melanie and Nathan were the couple the show has been pushing for over a year. I never liked that couple, but it is odd that Days of Our Lives would invest so much time in a couple that will not happen in the end unless they recast Nathan Horton. I had a hard time thinking of Nathan as a hero when he was in love with Melanie, yet screwing Stephanie's brains out at the same time. Stephanie and Nathan are an awful couple too.

What do you guys think?


  1. I liked Nathan/Melanie together. It's a big disappointment for them to build them up so much only to take it away right when Melanie becomes available again.

  2. I completely agree. I felt some amazing chemistry between Melanie and Nathan, and it is a huge disappointment that the writers are throwing it away. I've been a days fan for 5 years, and this bogus move makes me not want to watch it anymore.

  3. I like Nathan and Melanie! I am disappointed that another character gets the boot when there's so much potential. It just like Arianna who left despite potential with EJ. This is worse however since Nathan is a Horton. It also makesa me wonder what they are thinking as the male count in that age group is decreased with his exit. I simply cannot accept or buy Melanie forgiving Philip for his romp with her father's wife. DAYS needs to recast the role if they don't want to keep Hapka.