Monday, January 24, 2011

It's the Diva's 2nd anniversary!


And they say this blog wouldn't last a weekend. I'm serious, I read the posts. lol We're still here and having fun. Thanks so much for supporting us the past two years. Time has flown. My intention from day one was to express the opinion of the Days of Our Lives fan who hated the James E. Reilly crap-fest, and preferred the romance/adventure story lines of the 1980s. I had no idea that fourteen months after we started this blog, that we would be interviewing actors, writers, and others that we admired over the years.

Thanks so much for being a part of this ever evolving journey. Your opinion is always welcome here. We encourage any contributions to this blog or our blogtalkradio show. If you have something you would to share, let us know! If there's an actor you would like us to interview, you can help make that happen. Behind the scenes, we have friends making this blog great. A lot of fans have hooked us up with guests. That's why I always make a point of thanking our contributors. This blog has been a group effort from day one. I would personally like to thank Marianne, Madeline, Anna, Rose, Leigh, Mary Kay, Scott, Jenn, Dama, Carol, Sally, Michele, Meg, Nikki, Cindy, Nicholle, Katie, Laurie, Mollie, and Bea for all their contributions the past two years. I apologize if I left anyone out.

I'm looking forward to an exciting 2011. The sky is the limit.

~Diva, blog entry 999!

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