Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's screaming at old ladies tweets

Here's today's live tweets. Don't forget to listen to our blogtalkradio show tomorrow to hear what we think about this week's Days of Our Lives.

Chloe stops by Stephanie's to bitch about Caroline.

Maggie hugs Nathan at her house. Mel's at Daniel's place. Philip shows up.

Repeat from yesterday, Stefano tells his grandkids' photos about his scheme. Kate over hears. Says the EJ truce is phony.

Kate decides she doesn't want to know what Stefano is up to. He wants to tell her. #holycow

Rafe asks if Gabi wants to tuck in Will while he's holding Sydney.

Nicole wants EJ to spill on whether or not they are marrying.

lmfao Stefano's not confessing to anything.

Rafe talks to Sami over the phone. She's spending the night off screen in Johnny's hospital room.

EJ wants to still marry Nicole, and she gets to see Sydney.

Mel tells Phil that cutting him off completely isn't fair. Mel wants to know why Phil doesn't think about Parker. #birthcontrolfordummies

Nathan tells Maggie he wants a chance with Melanie. He thinks God arranged this for Mate. God or Vivian?

Chloe barges in to Stephanie's place looking for Caroline. She's there. I thought she was on home arrest? #spdsucks

For the record, hubby bothers me more often during #DOOL than my little kids.

Gabi is giving EJ the benefit of a doubt, Rafe is still bitching.

Kate's not buying Stefano's denials. Stefano tells Kate that EJ said he doesn't love Sami anymore.

Gabi tells Rafe he's the winner, the hero. The Diva leaves the room to go throw up.

Nicole is shocked that EJ wants a big wedding at a church. EJ says he's changed. Sounds like EJ and Phil have the same dialogue.

Kate fills Stefano in on the Parker pickle. Stefano asks if any Brady has respect for the law. lmfao Kate hopes Phelanie works it out.

Kate tells Stefano Melanie is pregnant. Kate tells Stefano she wants Parker away from Chloe.

Caroline says it was wrong to change the results. Chloe's still screaming. Tells Caroline she's going to pay.

Melanie insists Phelanie is done.

EJ is almost convincing telling Nicole he really wants to marry her. #hotdamn

Chloe tells Caroline she will testify against her. Like she would ever make it to trial. Caroline's not doing well.

Nathan knows Maggie knows something. She tells him to go talk to Melanie.

Stephanie asks Philip to get Chloe out of her apartment.

Stefano offers his help to Kate about Philip. Stefano wants Kate to admit that she's happy Danloe ended. She admits it, but wants Parker.

Rafe and Gabi remember they have a dead sister.

EJole almost kisses. EJ seduces her into saying "yes."

Had breaking local news, missed some DOOL probably.

Kate wants to know why Nicole is there. EJ says they are marrying. Stefano wants to talk to him.

Chloe flips out, and says that she (Chloe) might as well be dead. Philip gets her out. Nathan shows up at Daniel's.

Rafe keeps teasing Gabi that he's going to give Will the birds and bees talk. He thinks they are too young. Just guessing, aren't they 18?

Rafe gets a delivered envelope from EJ.

EJ tells Stefano they are going to need Nicole once Rafe is out of the way.

Caroline seems fine after the Chloe attack. Caroline's willing to do the time. I wonder if Santana would be interested in her organs.

Phloe on the nice pier. Phil tells Chloe they need to blame themselves, not Caroline. They comfort each other over their broken marriages.

Nathan wants to talk about the future. Mel says she's having Phil's baby and closes the door on Nathan.

EJ will send tomorrow a new child custody agreement to Safe.

EJ thinks Sami will fall apart without Rafe, so he needs Nicole to be mommy. Stefano and EJ toast their plans.

Preview: Kate tells Phil to push Chloe off a cliff. Chloe wants Daniel, Hope asks Nathan how he got involved in the prison organ scam.

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