Monday, January 10, 2011

Friday's fantastic tweets

ShareBetter late than never, the Diva tweeted live today during Days of Our Lives being aired on Soapnet.

Bope on another boat.

Kate and Brady laughing about Viv's exit from the plane.

Viv's mad that Brady "copied" her. Viv declares herself "queen of the island."

Phil's confronting Stephanie on her involvement in the paternity cover up. He's pissed!

Nathan goes running to see Mel. Gives her big hug.

Brady calls Phil an "immoral horny jerk." Kate points out all men are like that. lol

Kate laughs at the idea that Chloe was tricked into adultery. She's got a point. No one tricked her to cheat on Lucas.

Some dude on the boat has a gun, but so does Bo.

Buitoni commercial starring my favorite voiceover guy, Stephen Schnetzer from Another World (Cass Winthrop.)

It's Ed Marinaro on the boat. He's helping Bope.

Jenn's back at the Warden's office.

Gina doesn't trust Jennifer.

Melanie tells Nathan she made a mistake marrying Philip.

Phil and Steph go back to her place to fight.

Steph confesses that she knew her grandma switched the results.

Chloe's crying looking at pictures.

Kate shows up at Chloe's to see her grandson.

Gus doesn't know where Bermuda is close to. How about the Bermuda Triangle? Viv and Gus split up to search island.

Bo is reminded that the boat looks like the Fancy Face. Which one? Wasn't there 4 of them?

Gina tells Santana that she thinks Jenn is a plant.

Oh great. More Dr. Frankenstein. He calls Santana asking for a kidney. Jenn asks him if something's wrong.

Nate wants to do something for Mel, she reminds him he's getting married tomorrow. He leaves.

Kate talks babytalk to Parker. Glad to hear he's got dimples. lol

Hope thinks she's on to something on the laptop. Not a good time to be watching porn, Hope.

Gus found nothing on the island.

Chloe takes the baby back. Kate doesn't like Parker's name. She has plans for Chloe. I wonder if they involve baking.

Brady shows up to see Mel.

Steph tells Phil not to tell anyone she knew about Phil being the father. Whoops. Nate overhears outside.

Bope looking up phone records.

Gina's happy that a prisoner had an aneurysm.

I couldn't be happier that Jenn and Dr. Frankenstein won't end up together.

Dr. Frankenstein acting like a tortured hero is pissing me off.

Kate tells Chloe to leave town and give the baby to Philip.

Was there a sale on beige paint? Outside of Steph's apartment is a beige hallway. Everything on this show is #beigehell.

Of course, Bo would have Roman's password. lol

Kate's willing to pay Chloe for the baby. I do love the fingernail polish. Kate reminds Chloe the crap she put Phil through in h.s.

Phil comes to Chloe's rescue.

Kayla calls Steph to tell her that Caroline wants her to get married tomorrow. Nate is still listening from the #beigehell hallway.

Nate looks on Steph's laptop.

Bope finds a private number. zzzzzzzzz

Must be a new Salem record for someone to find a wedding dress. Steph shows her dress to her mom. Steph promises to behave.

Viv and Gus wouldn't last ten seconds on Survivor. Gus and Viv spot something in the air.

Brady and Mel bond over cold broccoli casserole. It's not a product placement either.

Brady calls out Mel on wanting Nate at the door when she's so in love with Phil.

Kate leaves, telling Philip she feels like she's leaving Phil alone with a cobra.

Bo's giving Hope puppy dog eyes. Hope doesn't seem to notice.

Santana calls Dr. Frankenstein and tells him she got a kidney. He tells Jenn.

Plane flies away from Viv and Gus, but they got supplies with a Dharma Initiative logo on it. Uh oh. I hear the ranch dressing is yummy.

Chloe refuses to leave. Bummer, dude.

Mel doesn't want to talk about Nathan. Good! I don't want to hear it either.

Steph tries to stop Nathan from seeing her in her dress. Nate busts in anyway. The scene was unintentionally funny. lol

Spoilers for Monday: Nathan rages at Stephanie

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