Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday's "arrogant and egotistical bastard" tweets

ShareFriday's eppy was ok. A lot of boring hypocritical madness from Melanie/Stephanie and Philip/Nathan. Johnny & the reunion of State kept the show interesting.

Ejami and Johnny. Johnny feels their faces to remember them. Awwwww

Johnny gets carted away.

Sami cries, EJ holds her.

My phone rang at the same time Melanie called. #freaky

still on the phone, sorry!

State at the nice pier.

EvilJ picks on Sami again. D-bag Rafe comes in to lecture him. My eyes are stuck permanently from all the eye rolling.

Philip and Nathan arguing. I wish Philip would knock him out.

EvilJ shows up at the hospital chapel. He actually introduces himself to God. Calls himself an "arrogant egotistical bastard."

Sami overhears EJ offering to end his battle with Sami for Johnny's sight.

Stefano tells kate about Johnny. Kate says she thinks of Johnny as her grandson. Kate says she'll always love Stefano & Johnny. AWW

Stefano asks Kate why she betrayed him.

Chad shows up at Safe's apartment. Will and Gabi are there. Will fills Chad in on Johnny's surgery.

Nicole talks to Mary on the phone. They discuss how to get Sydney to eat. Rafe thanks Nicole for telling Sami about the surgery.

Rafe and Nicole realize EJami is at the chapel together. Great performance by #jamesscott in the chapel. EJ knows Sami overheard him.

Phil calls out Nathan on dumping Stephanie for Melanie. Nathan tells Phil that Stephanie wanted to change the paternity tests herself.

Stephanie and Melanie fight.

Sami offers for EJ to listen to her prayer. Sami reintroduces herself to God, I think God remembers all her deals in the past.

Sami tells God how strong Johnny is. EJ didn't bash Sami to God, but she bashes him as well as herself to God.

Listening to "Diva of DOOL episode 27" hosted by Diva of DOOL on #BlogTalkRadio

Nathan accuses Philip of manipulating the test results himself if he had the chance. Phil denies he'd turn his back on Parker....

...Nathan brings up Pocket/Tyler. Philip punches Nathan.

Stefano laments he can't help the ones he loves.

Rafe/Nicole listens in on Ejami. EJ gets a text that Johnny is out of surgery.

Nathan threatens Phil to stay away from Melanie.

Stephanie accuses Melanie of keeping Nathan on a string. Stephanie brings up the wedding day letter from Mel to Nathan.

Stephanie asks if Nathan was there yet. Melanie confirms it. Says Nathan loved Stephanie. No, I don't think he did

Kate says she hates Chloe more than Sami. Stefano rubs her arm. #feeltheheat Kate wants a reunion.

Johnny's eye is saved, but he needs chemo and radiation.

Kate said Lucas left the continent because of Chloe. lol

The happy family thanks Carly and Daniel.

Daniel tells Carly that it is up to Melanie if she wants Carly in her life or not. Will gives everyone the good news.

Stefano finds out the news from Lexie. Stefano tells Kate the good news. Kate offers to go home with Stefano. #sexualhealing

Melanie tells Stephanie she's pathetic. Stephanie tells Mel she slept with Phil when Steph/Phil were on a break. Mel broke up Steph/Max.

Stephanie & Mel fight, Mel's papers fall on the floor.

Kate doesn't want to move in, she's just lonely. Stefano says yes. #heshootsandscores

Rafe tries to use Nicole to keep EJami fighting.

Stephanie pushes Melanie to the floor. Mel grabs her stomach. Thanks for reading. I'll be back at 3 pm est for today's eppy.

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