Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eric Martsolf interview

ShareEric Martsolf's (Brady) interview from the L.A. Examiner contains some Days of Our Lives spoilers. Good read.

What do you think of Brady taking over Titan?


  1. I really like EM as the 'Darker Brady'. I am glad to see he is getting stronger storylines. He is a great representative of the best of the show,IMO.

  2. Like EM as a darker Brady but give him a love interest for pete's sake, Nicole who left him for Sydney (a child she stole at birth to her worst enemy) whereas one second before she did everuthing to keep him pathetic and really bad writing ! They could be a powerful gray couple, they are good together..well when these fu..ing writers write for them.. they could be a team who take over Titan from his grandfather (Victor hates Nicole and have quite an history with her) it is soapy..instead of that we have Nicole who get back to Ej for some children who she has no business to be with, Ej a guy who degrades her,uses her in his schemes and seriously abused her (hey he tried to murder her hello ! and choked her, threatened her several times) ah and he never loved her also..really writers..pathetic..bring back Bricole and give them a good story (business storyline, and finally a miracle baby like that she would stop kidnapping other girl's babies.)
    Let Sami working (finally !) for Brady at Titan, like that we still have a good antagonist between her and Nicole, let's develop some scheming aspects of Brady against his enemies like Vivian or the Dimera..let's develop a good complex antagonist relationship between Brady and Victor and of course a rocky love relationship with Nicole (but they have to be equals please)