Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diva's interview with Lauren Koslow ready for playback!


Our interview with Lauren Koslow is ready for playback. You can listen to it here by pressing play on the player on the right of the blog or you can listen at our show page at blogtalkradio. Sounds like Kate has some great storylines coming up.

Thanks so much to Lauren. She's so lovely. It was a joy having her as a guest. Thanks also to the Lauren fans for calling in, especially all those Texans! lol We had a lot of fun with all of our chat room participants too. Many thanks to Anna for setting this interview up.


  1. We all had the best time at the chat! LK rocks!

  2. The chat was fantastic! Lauren is such an amazing person. Thanks again to the Diva, Anna, & Maryanne! You made us feel so welcome. Hopefully we can do this again with Lauren in the near future:)

  3. Thanks Cheri. We would love to have Lauren again any time she wants.