Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Chloe is a one woman plague" tweets


I watched Wednesday's eppy on Soapnet this morning. Here's the lowdown:

Stephanie and Nathan are back on the plane back to Salem. Not a good start.

Daniel wants Victor's help with Chloe.

Wow, Chloe must really be upset. She's wearing a track suit. Nicole shows up.

I'm trying not to laugh at the bad acting.

Johnny wants his mommy, not Nicole as his step mom.

More repeats from Tuesday...Sami pretends to call Brady for Stefano's benefit. He falls for it! onoz!

Jenn's at the Pub with her laptop yelling at Jack's blog.

I can see Jack writing a blog in excruciating detail. lol Dr. McBoring is reading along.

Wow. Roman shows up, and then promptly leaves Caroline's bed side. What was the point of that?

Kayla mentions Kimberly can't come to see Caroline. :-(

Caroline doesn't want Stephanie to come back to Salem. The rest of Salem agrees.

Chloe gives Nicole the dirty details of Parker's christening.

NIcole wishes Caroline had her stroke before her big reveal. lol

Nicole tells Chloe the truth, Daniel's not going to get over it.

Victor says to Daniel, "Chloe is a one woman plague." lol

Daniel asks for Kiriakis money to support Parker. Victor says no.

Sami buys sparkly lingerie to make it seem like Nicole was at her apartment with Brady. Can't wait to see Rafe try it on for himself.

Nicole tries to talk reason to Chloe. Good luck on that one.

Johnny tells Stefano that daddy is getting married, but not to mommy. That kid rocks.

Stefano tells EJ what he overheard Sami saying on the phone. Come on Stefano!

Dr. McBoring tries to defend Jack's "feelings" on his blog. Jenn's not buying it. Dr. McBoring tells Jenn she's done with Jack. wtf?

I don't care what Jack did, Jenn deserves better than that creepy organ snatching weirdo doctor.

Nicole accidentally gives Chloe Sydney's gift instead of Parker's which leads to Nicole telling Chloe she's engaged

Chloe is delusional. Tells Nicole that if EJ can forgive her, then Daniel can forgive Chloe. Delusional much?

EJ actually falls for Sami's trick, and shows up at her apartment. What happened to the DiMera men's brains? wtf.

Roman talks to Kayla about Caroline's legal troubles.

I like Kayla's hair longer.

Victor tells Daniel that Vivian has tied up his funds.

Nicole tells Chloe EJ wants to marry her to stick it to Sami.

EJ finds the trashy lingerie. EJ falls for Sami's plan. This is so stupid.

Jenn decides to stop reading Jack's blog.

Jenn tells Ben she would like to help with him getting organs without dying herself. Good thing she told him that in advance!

Roman's close to learning his other family members involvement in Parker's paternity pickle.

Nicole calls Stefano "the senile one." lol

Whew. EJ was playing along. He knew Sami was conning him.

As a Stefano fan, I'm mortified that Stefano fell for Sami's plan. Nicole tells Stefano about her tracking device bracelet.

Nicole complains that she lost the right to accessorize to marry EJ. lol Must have the good scriptwriters today.

@Nicholle78 I've lost respect for Stefano!

Kayla tells Steph that the whole truth came out.

Ben wants to see Jenn again. Ugh

How can Daniel leave that cute little face? Yeah, I mean Parker.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn't care where Nicole's heart is, Nicole's butt is raising his kids. lol

Johnny sneaks out of the DiMansion. Free Johnny!

Thanks for reading!

Pretty good eppy overall. Ben was the only low point.

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