Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday's twitterific tweets

ShareHere's today's tweets while the Diva was watching Days of Our Lives live today:

Nicole makes a good point that Sami shooting EJ was unnecessary when she had all the evidence against EJ.

Please, no more flannel!

Good for Kayla for sticking up for morals against her mum

Leave it to Chloe to show cleavage at church during her son's christening.

Why isn't Daniel wearing a tie?

Rafe's harassing Victor via the phone during Parker's christening. Give it a rest Rafe.

More Sami/Nicole smackdowns with EJ watching. He should sell tickets.

Oh please, Kayla. Stephanie is not a child.

Could Chloe's dress be a little shorter? Nothing like showing glittering hoo-ha during church!

Adrienne breaks up the Kayla/Caroline borefest.

Steph and Nathan on a plane, smart of her to get out of dodge.

lmao at Victor being snarky with Rafe.

Chloe wants to go on vacation with Daniel and Parker

Sami would rather die than have Nicole raise her kids. One could only hope!

got distracted by a phone call

Victor is nice to Chloe. He tries to apologize for being snarky to her in the past. Chloe interrupts him, and says it's ok.

Sydney's eyes are fine.

EJ wants Nicole to press charges against Sami.

Sami's taken to the SPD.

Finally, the christening begins.

Stefano and EJ at the DiMansion. EJ's still gloating over the Sami/Nicole fight.

Rafe to Sami, "the only reasons why U haven't been arrested yet is because U are related to half the police force & slept w/ the other half"

It's hard to cheer for Sami when she's so friggin immature.

Parker is so cute

Ej's new strategery is to get Sami committed for attacking Nicole.

Rafe threatens to arrest Nicole. He's fitting in well for Roman with his bias towards the Bradys.

Stefano's not impressed with EJ's plan.

Um Rafe, you can't arrest Nicole for pressing charges against Sami. And you can't threaten her with arrest either.

Kayla and Caroline are boring the crap out of me.

Uh oh. Parker doesn't want to be baptized. lol

Lucky for Stephanie that she actually got on a flight headed to the East Coast without any problems.

lmao at Sami pulling books off the shelves and throwing them on the floor in Rafe's office. Rafe tries to get Sami to act like an adult.

EJ proposes to Nicole!

Kayla tells Caroline to tell Daniel that he's not the father when the doors open at the church with everyone overhearing. Whoops!

Preview 4 Thursday, Daniel tries to hit Philip on the head with a cross from the church.....

...I don't think that will help either of them get into heaven.

Overall, a good eppy except for the boring Kayla/Caroline stuff.

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