Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tweets while watching Monday's show


Very dull episode over all. But if you are a State or Magic fan, you might want to check it out. Here's my tweets while watching the show live today at NBC.com.

What kind of jacket is Bo wearing? How come Carly is still in the hospital while Nate's back at work, and Mel's visiting Maggie?


Jenn's too cute. Love the hair, and the lavender coat and purse.

Gina and Santana again!

Awww. They showed a pic of Mickey and Maggie.

You can't hide anything from Stefano. He's sharp as a tack.

That's nice of Hope to offer her fish sticks before she puts someone in a sleeper hold. lol

Do we really need a flashback of Viv saying she's getting revenge?

Vivian and Stefano, finally!

Maggie's not putting up with any b.s. from anyone.

Viv tells Stefano what Brady did to her, "like I give a damn," says Stefano. lol

Viv explains to Stefano that Kate discovered her in the coffin and walked away, "good on her part," he responds. lol

Maggie shuts the door tearfully in Victor's face when he says, "I love you." The angst!

Isn't Abe the mayor? Why can't he help Bo?

I see no sparks at all between Jenn and Ben.

Besides State and Magic, pretty dull episode on Monday.

I will be tweeting live again today at 3 pm est. You can follow my tweets here.

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