Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tweets from Tuesday's awful episode


Please avoid today's episode at all costs. Oh, it was bad!

Super sleuth Rafe now an expert on eye disease

Mel and Nate discussing his wedding date. zzzzzzzzzz

Stephanie calls Missing-In-Action Aunt Adrienne Kiriakis

S&K to be a no-show at the Steph/Nate wedding.

Delusional much? Stephanie rationalizing the morality of keeping Phil's infidelity a secret. Daniel overhears. Uh oh.

Phloe at Danloe's apartment.

Free Parker!

Zillionaire Brady gives the Danloe baby a blue elephant. Brady and Phloe in the same room, awkward!

Nicole calls EJ a bastard at the DiMansion.

Mel wants to know why Nate is marrying Stephanie when he loves Melanie. Good question, but does anyone really care?

Ben consoles Lexie in front of Abe.

Nicole wants to see Sydney, good thing since EJ and Sami only seem to care about Johnny right now.

I'm bored already. Missing State and Magic.

Philip tells Brady he doesn't trust Nicole because of Vivian in ilght of the Bricole broke up.

EJ wants Nicole to move into the DiMansion.

This is so fascinating watching Rafe, Will and Gabi printing out photos of Johnny.


Thanks to the shitty weather, DOOL's rating should be sky high this week. Too bad the viewers are watching boring crap.

40 minutes to go............................................................................................................................

Brady holds his cousin, Parker.

Too cute. Baby only has eyes for Brady.

Nicole gets offered the cottage at the DiMansion. Didn't know they had one.

If EJ wants Sami to be jealous, moving Nicole into the cottage isn't going to do the trick.

Normally I'm excited to see the Carvers, but not today.

Why da hell does Ben care about the Nathan/Stephanie wedding?

Daniel's at the "nice" pier that is decorated for Christmas. Uh oh, Phil shows up.

Poor Henderson. Nicole throws a glass in his direction to get him to think Bricole broke up.

Another cock fight between EJ and Rafe. zzzzzzzzzz

The Carvers made up. Not surprised. If they didn't, they might actually get a storyline.

Oh please. Nathan's healthy enough to work, but not get married according to Ben.

Daniel asks Phil if he cheated on Mel.

Henderson wants to leave the fake Bricole fight, they won't let him. I feel Henderson's pain.

Bricole starts making out. The fake fight turns on Brady again.

How nice of Sami to give up her kids so her new husband can keep his job.

22 minutes of Hell to go!

Oh great. Mel and Nathan flashbacks

Abe's not in denial, he's just male. lol

Awwwwwww The Carvers won me over again. Give them a storyline! Lexie's a DiMera for Pete's sake!

Bricole likes it rough.

@Mama_Hooch I would recommend completely avoiding this episode.

:-( Bricole rough sex is over.

Brady doesn't want Nicole moving into the DiGuesthouse. Nicole wants to do it to see Sydney.

Just look at the damn photo already!

Daniel accuses Phil of cheating on Mel with Sabrina the horny Titan employee. Daniel isn't buying it.

9 minutes to go.

Free the Diva!

She seems over EJ. Good for her.

Stephanie's planning her wedding during work. You'd think she could use the same wedding plans she had for her wedding with Philip.

Rafe's gotten smarter. Avoiding talking to Sami with problems with her kids is a good idea. She's just going to flip out anyways.

Lexie shows up at Safe's apartment.

Daniel is in Philip's face. Chloe overhears Daniel accusing Phil of cheating.

Thanks for reading. If you missed today's show, good for you! lol


  1. You are sure making me not pissed that Jack/Matt is not on the show, and making me happy that all indications are that he will not be returning.

  2. LMAO! Oh Diva, you made my day with your review. Days is stinking up the airwaves right now. And you're right, because of cold weather, their ratings will probably go up! The show needs some serious help . . . stat! Thank you for suffering through this.

  3. i guess DOOL did not won't to get renewed.

    I mean, how long can they circle the same people around and around in boring stories.

  4. The show is renewed for two more years. So we get to watch the same boring crap for two more years.

    Lucky me. I'm busy and can't watch today's show.