Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tweets from Thursday's show


If it wasn't for the actor who plays Johnny, the show today would have totally sucked. Here's what you missed:

Not starting well..damn Hope prison s/l.

Bricole! Thank goodness.

Brady's got a point. The old Nicole would have a plan. Nicole fell in love with Sydney. We all fell in love with Sydney.

Johnny's got a cool motorcycle. Love those footie pj's too.

Sami cooked? And no one is nauseous?

Why is everyone dressed in blue at Sami's?

Santana is mean, mean, mean.


Santana's name is Warden Lee Smith? come on!

Wasn't the governor Anna's ex boyfriend?

Nicole having a moral issue about scheming for Sydney is laughable.

*yawn* this eppy better get more interesting.

Jack mentioned!

Brady proposes a fake break up with Nicole

My eyes must be playing tricks on me. Ben looked like Jack for a split second.

Is DOOL trying to sell that Ben is a hero for using prisoners' organs? come on.

Of course Sami easily breaks into the front door of the DiMansion.

@DivaofDOOL @Nicholle78 tru dat. No chemistry with Bennifer.

The Biggest Loser commercial, I'm totally on Team Ada.

Brady's kinky. He wants to fake break up for fake make up sex.

nuGabi and Will. Another chemistry less couple. zzzzzzzz

Gabi remembered her sister is dead. Rafe apparently forgot.

Sami's starting already getting little Johnny to lie for her. Good idea to teach them while they are still young.

You have to admit, Santana does have a point about Hope's past mental states. She didn't even mention the whole Princess Gina fiasco.

@Nicholle78 it's ok to be a serial killer as long as you have a charming accent.

Carly's looking in good shape. Good for her.

Are they waiting for Marlena to show up at the pier or what?

Stefano loves Kate! EJ says, "you are joking?"

Johnny is a naturally good liar. Who da thunk it?

"Why do you hate me?" says Johnny to Sami. She doesn't hate you, she just doesn't want to go to prison for shooting your dad.

The kids on this show are better actors then some of the adults.

EJ questioning why Stefano loves Kate is funny considering he loves Samantha.

@Nicholle78 If Johnny learns to rrrrrrrroll his rrrrrrrrrr's like his grandfather, he'll be just fine knocking up lots of women.

Will's learned the art of grief sex. Gets that from the women in his family too.

"why is he the boss of you?" says Johnny to Sami. That was an awesome line.

Wow. Sami remembered she has 4 kids. lol

I wonder if Sami is going to remember that Sydney is in the mansion too.

EJ dumps Stefano at the pier. It occurs to him that he needs to be a better father than Stefano was to him and Tony.

@Nicholle78 Sami better have the safe sex talk with all her kids asap. Her and EJ have very fertile genes.

lmao that Brady brings up Nicole faked a pregnancy w/o EJ knowing. Brady's going to withhold sex if she doesn't fake break up with him.

Wow. Brady's seducing Nicole again to get what he wants. Lucky girl!

Yep. Sami did forget Sydney.

Someone grabs Sami. I'm assuming it's Rafe. End of another lackluster episode. Thanks to Nicolle78!

Total snoozer episode. I'd recommend skipping it completely.

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