Friday, December 10, 2010

Tweets from Friday's dull episode

ShareDon't bother watching Friday's episode of Days of Our Lives. It was that dull. Here's my version from Twitter:

Viv billed Victor for the sarcophagus. lol

Caroline's in church asking for forgiveness.

Oh great, more Hope in prison.

Sami bites Rafe when he tries to cover her mouth. He won't do that again. lol

@DivaofDOOL Unless he's into that sort of thing...

Safe's eavesdropping on EKate in the DiGarden.

Nice use of history, Chloe mentions growing up in an orphanage.

Caroline is really trying to justify her actions to God. I'm having a Sami flashback of all her promises to God.

@Nicholle78 I don't want to know what Rafe likes in bed.

@DivaofDOOL LOL me neither... now Brady on the other hand...

lmao Kate's an expert at going to bed with snakes.

EKate scene was way too short. Bummer.

I spoke too soon, they are in the DiMorningRoom now.

Safe's at the pier again. How many times has everyone been at the pier today?

Uh oh. Sami disobeyed her "daddy" Rafe. She'll have to go sit in the naughty chair and take a time out.

Phil gets hit on at the Brady Pub.

Carbo visits Parker. Carly is so excited.

Oh..Santana is pissed.

Santana is making Hope write a letter to Bo. Reminds me of when she was kidnapped by Larry Welch.

EJ brings up Kate setting up Sami for murder.

Kate's giving great advice to EJ.

Rafe's as cold as ice.

@Nicholle78 Brady's kinky, no doubt.

I'm getting bored.

Sami's a hypocrite. Just a few months ago, she wanted EJ completely cut out of Sydney and Johnny's life.

Johnny squeals on Sami.

I miss cliffhanger Fridays.

Uh oh Daniel sees Philip kissing a tramp at the Pub. *yawn*

Do we really need to watch Wabi text each other?

The Safe bedroom is beyond dull. wth? The show cannot be that cheap.

Johnny tells EJ that he hates him.

@Nicholle78 They don't have birth control strong enough to kill DiMera sperm.

Thank God, it's almost over.

The tramp is flirting with the Brady bartender.

Just noticed Kate's blue tights.

Funny how Sami complains about Ej's orders, but not Rafe's.

Thank God it's over.

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