Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday's twitterlicious episode

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Santana asks Roman if he's helping Bope.

Viv shows Nicole naughty pics of Bricole. Too bad no video footage.

Maggie overhears Brady's naughty message to Nicole.

Stefano! Where da hell has he been?

why is Chloe wrapping gifts at the Brady Pub?


Hope's trying to get rid of Bo. lol I hope he hid the lighter and gasoline from the cabin.

Anyone else wonder why Bo hasn't built a fire yet? It has to be cold in that cabin.

EJ realizes Sami is poison. Well duh. But she didn't give her kid cancer.

EJ has finally gone cuckoo.

Carly's upset about Bope. Daniel notices.

I'm sensing sexual tension between Roman and Santana. Even though Santana seems to be playing for the other team.

Santana calls Rafe stupid. lmao She shows Roman/Rafe the photographic evidence of the Bope prison break.

Santana is one smart cookie. She knows the SPD won't find Bope.

Why would Hope call Ciara? Doesn't she know as a cop that they can ping cell phones to find their location?

Back still hurts from falling down the attic stairs. Next time I'll try to land on my bum.

Maggie finds out that Vivian bought Titan.

Brady smirks at Maggie when she mentions Victor. Maggie is protesting too much.

Can we find something for Adrienne to do besides babysit?

Carly/Daniel overhear on the radio about Bope's escape. Carly contemplates going on death row to get Bo's attention again.

Roman seems really amused with Santana. It's the most action he's seen in years!
Diva_Nikki Nicole Pratl
@DivaofDOOL YEAH! Not since Anna jumped into the sac with him. She was drugged when she did it so...I forgave her! LOL
@Diva_Nikki I totally forgot their hook up. I was thinking his last piece was with Marlena and the "rassle in the castle" chains sex.

Nicole talks to EJ at the hospital. Viv shows up! uh oh

Carly tells Daniel Bo won't come home to her. Carly tells Daniel that both her and Bo keep secrets. That describes every couple in Salem.

EJ is not impressed with meeting his father's ex.

Stefano's talking to God. lmfao

Even Viv seemed mortified when EJ told her about Johnny. I'm surprised he was so calm.

Roman's putting Rafe in charge of finding Bope even though he's his son-in-law. No nepotism at the SPD!

Carly's got herself pegged. She does try to fix problems and make them work. And she always screws it up. She cries on Daniel's shoulder.

Chloe sees the Darly embrace. So far she hasn't run off to get impregnated by Philip again.

Chloe sympathizes with Carly.

EJ tells Nicole that she's not his friend. That's not nice.

Nicole tells EJ that she cares for Johnny.

James is putting in an Emmy performance with his pain over Johnny. He looks totally devastated.

Gina and Santana fretting over Hope

Bope hears something outside. I bet it's not Kate Gosselin.

Chloe offers for Carly to stay with them instead of her staying at Bo's.

Carly is Parker's g-momma.

Brady spies EJole at the hospital.

Today's eppy wasn't half bad.

Adrienne and Chloe at the Pub. Save Adrienne!

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