Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday's "new twitter sux" tweets


Well, I hate the new Twitter. Every time I attempt to use it, it won't let me tweet. I briefly tweeted on it Wednesday. Now every time I tweet, it tells me that they did something wrong, and try again in a minute. Still won't tweet. Grrrrrrrrrr. Any suggestions?

There's about a 5 minute delay from the beginning of the show due to nuTwitter disliking me so much. For the most part, the episode sucked. lol

new twitter sux

Sorry, couldn't tweet with new twitter.

Will and Gabi at the nice pier

Sami's dress is cute. she's on her cell with Rafe outside the DiMansion.


lmao I hope Allie gets store bought cookies for school instead of Sami making them.

Wow they are really dragging out this Johnny eye drama.

Oh, great. Hope and Santana

Bo and Jenn, Bo notices that Hope misspelled Ciara's name. Yeah we all do since most ppl spell it Sierra.

I'm just not feeling Gabi's pain about losing her sister.

Sami finds out that Johnny missed school.

Johnny's eating a non-Sami-made cookie. He's a smart cookie.

Parker's free, Maggie's taking him for a walk.

Dan and Melanie. He's trying to tell her, but she won't shut up.

Will & Gabi show up at the Safe house.

I like Gabi's top.

Johnny still wants Sami, he doesn't want to go to the eye doctor.

Hope threatens Santana

A sandwich and grape juice, Hope has better food at prison than at Sami's.

Ace reporter Jenn should get on the infirmary deaths case.

Will's in trouble, Sami called him "William."

Mel still is talking...

Mel's boring Dan to the point he might just take a nap and tell her that her husband is cheating when he wakes up.

Parker decides he doesn't want pneumonia, and cries until Maggie takes him to the Danloe formerly Lumi apartment.

Personal foul on EJ for bringing up that Sami didn't seek treatment for Grace until it was too late. The Commissioner may fine him too.

Will finally fesses up to Sami about Johnny.

Sami's freaking out.

The Commissioner has fined EJ $50,000 on his unnecessary roughness penalty against Sami. James Harrison comes to EJ's defense.

Phone's ringing...

Telemarketer, lovely. Don't call me during DOOL, ok?

#ThaaoPenghlis still hasn't tweeted. Damn, that must have been one helluva birthday!

Daniel calls Philip to tell him he's with Melanie.

Bo explains that he has no plan to Jenn.

Jenn's pissed! You go girl.

Will and Gabi get to babysit Allie. Safe goes to the hospital.

That hot guy from Y&R is the eye doctor.

Still can't tweet with new Twitter. I can't read your replies either

So Mel knows Chloe cheated, Daniel knows Philip cheated. And they are both lying.

Lucky for Johnny, he leaves with Lexie before Sami shows up screeching.

Hope's praying.

That orange jumpsuit makes Hope look like she has jaundice.

lmao Bo will let Jenn know when he gets a plan.

Jenn's not waiting on Bo. You go girl!

Gorgeous wreath at Maggie's house

Chloe the big mouth shows up at Maggie's. She's asking for Daniel.

I wish someone would tell Melanie that she might be a little young to have a baby.

Dan and Phil at the nice pier AGAIN.

Dan and Phil clean up well. Not a single bruise or cut.

Phil confesses to an affair with....

EJ accuses Sami of sabotaging Johnny's eye to see him. *rolls eyes*

Show is over. New Twitter hates me. lol Sorry I couldn't respond to tweets in my direction. They don't show up on the old twitter.

Another gift suggestion from the Diva. Good thing my kids don't read this blog. lol

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