Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Morticia and Gomez are no longer together" Wednesday's tweets

Today wasn't half bad. We got some Magic and Adrienne. They teased us a bit with a renewed Sami/Lexie feud. Here we go:

EJole. Nicole asks if there's anything wrong with Johnny.

Lexie tells Rafe to tell Sami to "go to Hell." I miss the Lexie/Sami fights.

Magic at Danloe's apartment

Another Christmas miracle, Adrienne Kiriakis at the hospital talking to Nathan.

Oh great. More Mel and Steph

More Mel/Nate flashbacks. *yawn*

Daniel kicks Philip's ass at the pier in front of Chloe.

Rafe drops the Johnny bomb on Lexie.

Daniel tells Chloe that Phil cheated on Melanie. Chloe would have turned white if it wasn't for the fake tan.

Nicole tells EJ about a prank she played on Vivian.

Nicole has to ask permission to see Sydney from EJ.

Lexie notices Johnny's eye in the photo

Adrienne and Nathan discuss the wedding.

Mel lies to Steph that Nathan loves Steph. *double yawn*

Thank comes some Magic!

Victor meets his grandson. Awwwwwwww

got distracted.... I'm back.

I have a friend texting me during DOOL at the same time. The Diva multi-tasks baby!

Stephanie drops the Caroline bomb on Adrienne.

Phil shows up at the hospital. Danloe is at the pier still. Daniel says he overheard Steph say that Phil cheated.

Chloe's not doing a good job convincing Daniel that Phil is innocent.


EJ tells Nicole that Sydney likes to scribble crayon on the couches and walls. She hates the set of the DiMansion as much as I do.

Lexie and Rafe try to talk sense into EJ. Good luck on that one.

Still texting....

Good on Lexie, she got rid of Rafe!

Parker spat up on Victor. lmao Maggie cleans it up.

If Magic had sex on Danloe's couch, I would lmfao!
@DivaofDOOL Never! Maggie is too much of a lady. LOL
@Nicholle78 Yeah but Victor is kinky.

Victor drops the Kate bomb!

"Morticia and Gomez are no longer together," says Victor. lol

Victor asks Maggie if having Kate live with him bothers her. IT DOES. lol

Chloe wants Daniel not to squeal on Phil to Mel.

Still texting...not about DOOL though.

Chloe sticks her foot in her mouth again. Daniel is too clueless to catch her slip.

Phil tells Nathan to worry about Stephanie, not Phillip's injuries.

Adrienne still wants Stephanie to spill. Stephanie threatens to not forgive Adrienne.

Maggie calls Kate a "homicidal psychopath." Victor says he's nonjudgmental. Hilarious!

Maggie tries to convince herself she doesn't care, Victor tells himself she does care. Oh the angst!

Nicole and Sydney run into Rafe outside the DiMansion door. She accuses him of spying.

Lexie tries to talk EJ into letting her examine Johnny.

Still texting.

Adrienne keeps her mouth shut, for now. So we can have this conversation over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Phil shows up at Danloe's and sees Maggie.

still texting.

Daniel wants the whole story before telling Melanie. Chloe is so screwed. lol

Nicole makes a great point that she would do anything for Sydney unlike Sami.

Man, little Johnny is one helluva actor.

still texting...just a few minutes to go.

Nathan tells Stephanie that Philip got into a fight.

Are there twigs on Danloe's tree as garland? I like it.

Chloe shows up at her apartment. Daniel shows up at Maggie's and sees Melanie.

Lexie tells EJ that Johnny is not fine.

Oh no. Sami finds out tomorrow. Damn. Another Sami freak out.

Thanks for following along. Today wasn't that bad. At least we saw Judi Evans, and saw some Magic.

#ThaaoPenghlis must be having one helluva birthday, not a single tweet from him. lol

Oh great, DOOL just cast a Hernandez brother that we have never heard of before.

Christmas gift idea from the Diva! I just bought 5 of these! Check out the ad for Illustory.

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