Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Diva's Tweets about Wednesday's show

ShareI missed the very end of Days of Our Lives today, but here's my thoughts in real time.

Kate's plastic isn't working. That's harsh! Stefano is so mean.

Every time someone says "sarcophagus" I'm going to start singing "Trapped in a Box" by No Doubt.

I'm surprised this Brady and Victor scene is so dull.

State is turning into the War of the Roses.

Poor Johnny. :-(

When does Sami start to think to herself that maybe turning herself in might be better than having her family split apart?

wow. Nicole's the voice of reason.

Go Kate! She told Stefano he knew how she was when they got married, and she's not changing for him.

State fights like a real married couple. lol

Ej is the "nice guy." lmfao

Kate throws Stefano's lies in his face.

Kate wants a compromise with Stefano, he says he won't change. Excellent State episode.

"Every time you try to fix something, you make it worse," Rafe nails that one on the head about Sami.

I'm not impressed with any of the Christmas decorations this year.

Victor tells Brady that Nicole is on their side.

Kate decides to move to the Salem Inn. She's tired of revenge and the humiliation at the hands of her husband.

Vivian is bugging Stefano in his own garden.

Victor mocking Kate's marital problems is funny considering how awful his marriages were.

EJ dodged the "why he hates Brady" question. There is some jealousy there, no doubt.

Victor points out he never thought the State marriage would last, it did last over a year.

Victor invites Kate to move in with him. Kate officially joins the "rent is too damn high" party. I guess Vic wasn't thinking about Maggie

"I'm sick of this, I'm sick of you," says Stefano to Viv. lmao

Kate, Victor, Brady, and Nicole under one roof, good times!

Nicole tells Brady that EJ wants her to give up Brady.


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  1. Don't think Ej is jealous at all, just bitter and angry that Brady did help Nicole with all her deceptions against him and that she told to Brady about the miscarriage and NOT to him..and the fact that Brady is Sami's step brother is the more important factor..Ej is really focused on Sami and his desire to get even with her so he will use Nicole for it...just watch..