Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Diva's Tweets about Tuesday's show

Did you miss today's episode of Days of Our Lives? No fear, the Diva is here to tell you what you missed.

Live tweeting during Obama's press conference since he's taken over my DOOL time.

Yes! he left the building!

Lester Holt is really losing his hair.

Lester Holt looks like Chicken Little with the receding hairline and glasses.

omg..EJ as a cop. Hottness! Sami is so stupid, that that dream scared her.

Sydney, Johnny, and EJ going Christmas shopping. Bad idea with two little kids.

Poor Chloe. It took her a few minutes to get her figure back. Yeah, that's realistic.

The baby is so cute!

lmfao Caroline hangs up on Stephanie.

Kate's still in the DiMansion.

Yay! State makes up.

Stefano shouldn't need Kate to find all his illegitimate children for him. That's a full time job.

State makes up...with a condition!

I had to restart the computer.

Oh, Kate's not happy.

Why did EJ take the kids right past the Brady Pub? Cute watching Johnny playing with the fake snow. lol

considering what Caroline's been up to, is she really threatening EJ with God?

Philip is the mood for babymaking.

sounded like Stefano called Daniel "Danielle" or is it just me?

I guess Stefano forgot that Daniel didn't save Tony.

Oh, Kate is really pissed. This ought to be good.

Free Sydney!

He did it again. Stefano called Daniel "Danielle."

wow, don't talk bad about nicole to Brady.

Awwwwww Sydney is so cute.

If there's poisoned brownies in that box Kate is carrying, I'm going to lmao.

Sami remembers she has other kids!

Kate's speech was hilarious. Great acting by Lauren Koslow.

Nathan/Stephanie/Caroline are really dragging today's eppy down.

Stephanie's angst is getting old.

I don't remember Stephanie ever caring about Sami's kids.

Another condition? Come on Stefano!

OMG...State and Vivian for dinner at the DiMansion? Priceless!

Ej invited Nicole over for Christmas.

You'd think that EJ would be relieved to have Nicole with Brady so he wouldn't have to worry about her trying to get EJ back.

Why don't we all take our kids down to the pier in December? WTH?

Danloe won't open it. Oh c'mon! We're dying to know.

Anyone getting the idea that Parker's christening is going to be as interesting as Sydney's was?

Kate refuses supper with Vivian.

Damn that Johnny is one helluva actor.

Looks like more State fighting tomorrow. And Nicole wants to know why EJ hates Brady. Thanks for reading!


  1. Monday's eppy was better ... no Sami/Rafe/EJ. I figured two days of freedom from that show-hogging suckfest was too much to hope for.

  2. Oh please anonym the other stories are not really better and yeah Rafe is a bad actor..as for Sami and Ej just blame the writing, they can be awesome when the writing is here..and at least with them we can see Johnny !