Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Diva's live tweets from today's eppy

In case you missed today's pretty decent episode of Days of Our Lives, here's a sneak peek from my twitter page:


mmmmm....Bricole. The bedroom set actually looks good.

Hope in jail s/l needs to end asap. Set looks awful. Are those blocks really supposed to look real?

Bo and Santana

Jenn looks pretty in purple


Dare we hope that Carly is truly most sincerely dead?

I know a missed a few eppies, but isn't Dan giving Carly cpr a danger to his health?

Kate's daughter in law is fighting for her life, and Kate had nothing to do with her ill health! lol

solitary confinement for stealing a cell phone? that's harsh!

Hope being away from her family probably would be good for her mental health.

Why does Phil want Kate out of the hospital so badly?

Stefano's pony idea is a good one.

lol at Stefano calling EJ an idiot.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....EJ's about to drop the Kate bomb.

Thank God for the DiMeras bringing the spice, the rest of the eppy is so dull.

So Carly gave Jenn to give Bo a germ infested note. Nice.

Wow, Ej liked Kate around the house. Oh, I bet he did!

Ohhhhhhhhh...she certainly know how to fake it! 15 yard penalty for a low blow from EJ.

Just curious on how EJ knows Kate "fakes" it?

I know a missed a few eppies, but did Maxine get the virus? She gave cpr to the original victim.

Whoops. Phil spots Melanie holding Nathan.

Bo would pay $1000 to be bored for five minutes, obviously he hasn't watched DOOL lately.

Didn't Dr. Death say that Arianna was going to be fine too? I'd worry if I were Philip.

Holy cow! Bo gets a clue! And without his notebook and his thinking chair. lol

Brady was so distraught about Mel that he slept with Nicole. lol

Oh...Ej smells sex on Nicole.

No!!! Dan, DON'T kiss the baby. WTF Carly?

Nothing says romance better than quarantine. lol

Bo questioning Phil's desire to be a dad, when he technically didn't have sex with Hope when she conceived Zac and Ciara.

Gina and Santana!

Stefano is going to let Kate squirm some.

That's not fair. Why can't Nicole have Brady and Sydney? Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow looks good. Have to work, maybe I'll get lucky and be sent home early again. Today's eppy was pretty good. *bye*


  1. "Dare we hope that Carly is truly most sincerely dead?"

    I sure hope so. Then I can stop watching this shitfest of a show!

  2. OMG, this show is so bad. I miss some episodes, nothing changes. The virus thing, that sick room was already done with Steve and Kayla. Complete rehash. Stupid, gawd awful show. I watch the Waltons during this time slot now. Most of my friends no longer watch. I am watching OLTL once in a while. Have not done that in years.

  3. I'm still watching, I actually enjoyed the virus storyline somewhat, I wish it wasnt an afterthought storyline. They seem to only really want to focus on Ej/Sami/Rafe. The virus could of been done so much better.