Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Diva's best and worst for 2010


Since everyone and their brother did a best and worst list, why not a sister? lol

Best Storyline: Romance between Victor and Maggie.

Worst Storyline: There's so many, but I would have to pick Nighttime Hope.

Biggest WTF moment: Caroline switched the paternity test results.

Least surprising twist: Stefano is Chad's father.

Most surprising twist: Instead of "who is the daddy?" it was "who switched the test results?" But the answer being Caroline was awful.

Best couple: Maggie and Victor.

Worst Couple: There's so many, but I have to give it to Nathan and Stephanie.

Best New Couple: Maggie and Victor.

Worst New Couple: Will and Gabi.

Most improved actor: Molly Burnett as Melanie.

Best Love Triangle: Victor/Vivian/Maggie

Worst Love Triangle: Sort of a triangle, Nathan/Melanie/Stephanie

Dumbest character: Daniel Jonas, everyone in town knows Chloe cheated, and he is not the father of Parker.

Most improved character: Brady Black. He's fun to watch now.

Worst character assassination: Caroline Brady. Really? She switched the test results?

Best Villain: We still love Vivian Alamain!

Worst Villain: EJ DiMera. He's keeping the mother of his children away from his child with cancer.

Best breakup: State. Joe Mascolo and Lauren Koslow were amazing when Kate and Stefano's marriage ended.

Worst breakup: Rafe ending the friendship between Anna DiMera and Calliope Jones Bradford.

Best return: Kim and Shane!

Worst return: Adrienne Kiriakis. We love Judi Evans, but when was the last time you saw her with Wally Kurth?

Worst editing: Cutting out Kim and Shane's kiss.

Best Heroic moment: Victor rescuing Maggie from the sarcophagus.

Worst Hero: Rafe covering up for Sami shooting EJ in the head.

Best Heroine: Maggie Horton.

Worst Heroine: Sami Brady Hernandez. She shot the father of her children who was unconscious in the head. She didn't confess when Stefano thought her son was the culprit.

Best recast: John Martin. Everyone was buzzing about the new Bill Horton.

Worst recast: nuGabi Hernandez, Camila Banus.

Best actor: James Scott. One of the few actors in daytime who rocks any emotional scene by restraining emotion instead of over-acting.

Worst actor: Galen Gering. He rarely shows any emotion at all.

Best actress: Suzanne Rogers. Maggie went through a lot this year. She lost her husband and her mother-in-law. She's fighting her affection for Victor. She got locked into a sarcophagus. Suzanne delivered every time.

Worst actress: Camila Banus. She plays Gabi. Yeah I had to look her name up too.


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