Monday, December 6, 2010

Deidre Hall and Shawn Christian on the Saturday Today Show

I feel bad when these actors travel to be on television for ten seconds.


  1. Though, I can't really blame the Today show, most soap actors are some of the most boring and stiffest people to interviewed, even more stiffer than your average A-list star. Plus, it's cold as hell in NY so I would only talk to someone for just 10 seconds also, LOL!

    what amazed me the most is is how clueless the reporters are that DAYS got renewed. I guess they really were hoping for that 5th hour of Today?

    It's no doubt that NBC is coasting Days along with little or no faith in keeping the show after this renewal.

  2. I never got the impression that soap actors are stiff or boring. I've interviewed quite a few myself. They mispronounced Shawn Christian's name. They incorrectly said that Marlena was involved in a witch hunt. It's lazy, sloppy journalism period. We put a lot of work in our interviews. We research the background of every actor/writer/etc we have as a guest.

    lol I'm sure they did want a 5th hour of the Today show. I can't stand morning news shows, just endless amounts of mindless "knowledge."

    I think NBC or at least Corday is trying to promote the show more with these books and the book tour for them. We don't know the future of DOOL until we hear from Comcast on what their plans are for NBC in general.

  3. Why is Deidre Hall promoting a show she is no longer a part of?