Monday, November 15, 2010

Michael Fairman's Day of Days videos

You can watch Michael's interviews with DOOL stars here.


  1. Oh, I see you have added a link to W's new book on Amazon. Found it to be an interesting read. Loved how W threw Mitch McConnel under the bus by exposing him for the hypocrite he has been about the War in Iraq. Mitch McConnel refuses to comment on it because he would either have to call the former President a complete liar or admit he is a hypocrite in the worst way. LMAO !!!!

  2. I didn't hear that. I'm thinking about buying the book to hear his account on 9/11. Thanks for the news.

  3. You didn't hear becacuse you watch FIXed, I mean FOX news. It in the Bush's own words and he said it during his tv interview with Matt Lauer. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is squirming and refuses to comment in it.

    Bush has accused Mitch McConnell of secretly comming to then president bush and asking him to bring troop home to help improve public opinion agsint republicans. ( bush told McConnel NO ) All the while in public McConnell was practically questioning democrats very patriotism for making
    the same request.

    Bush is either lying or McConnell is a hypocrite scum bag. Personally I tend to believe President Bush on this one.

  4. lol So I take it you watch PMSNBC.

    I'm not a McConnell fan.